Import And Export
The professional foreign trade team of Zeus Mining provides you with the comprehensive services of customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax refund, capital, logistics and other export links. The process is streamlined, the cost is lower, the efficiency is higher, and the foreign trade export problem is solved.

The professional team will provide you with customs declaration, fast customs clearance, convenient and fast, and the customs declaration fee will be reported and sold.

To provide you with professional foreign exchange settlement services and foreign exchange preservative services.

1. Foreign exchange settlement: Acting foreign exchange settlement, foreign exchange will be paid on the day of settlement. (If the foreign exchange is too late, it will be postponed until the next business day)

2. Foreign exchange hedging: According to the customer's request and the fluctuation of the bank's forward exchange rate, the forward exchange rate will be confirmed to the bank one by one. The agent will place an order when the exchange rate is lower or higher, and lock the exchange rate of financial services to reduce the exchange rate. The loss of profits caused by fluctuations to the company.
Tax refund

Compliance with tax refunds, advance payment of tax refunds, receipt of documents within 3 working days of tax refunds.

1. Tax refund: We provide advance payment and refund service, and the documents are fully repaid in 3 working days. If Yuedatong is required to pay the tax refund service, only the ultra-low export service fee will be charged (there is no additional charge for the refund of the tax refund), and other expenses such as customs declaration fees and logistics fees will be reported.

2, the normal tax rebate: compliance with the tax refund, according to the normal progress of the tax bureau, usually 3-6 months to the account refund. If you only need to apply for a normal tax refund, you do not need to pay the export service fee. Others such as the production of customs declaration fees, logistics fees, etc. will be reported.
Choose Zeus Mining's foreign trade service, save your mind, save time and save trouble.