1014D Dual Channel Oscilloscope

1014D Dual Channel Oscilloscope
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Product description:

FNIRSI-1014D Digital Oscilloscope Signal Generator 1014D is a two-in-one oscilloscope and signal generator. It is a cost-effective dual-channel desktop oscilloscope for the miner maintenance industry and the R&D industry. This oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of up to 1GSa/s, an analog bandwidth of 100MHz*2, and a full trigger function. It adopts a 7-inch 800*480 resolution color LCD high-definition liquid crystal display with high contrast, which is a sharp tool for engineering debugging. It can be used in many fields, such as mining rig maintenance and debugging, electronic production, home appliance maintenance, automobile maintenance, scientific research and education, product development, etc.

best 1014d oscilloscope

Built-in DDS function signal generator

The function signal generator has 14 built-in standard signals (@2.5VPP), which are sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, positive sawtooth, anti-sawtooth, staircase wave, half-wave rectification, full-wave rectification, exponential wave, logarithmic wave, right Exponential, square wave, multi-tone, sine pulse wave, and a function of "cutter output" that can freely customize the output signal. The frequency of the sine waves can reach up to 10MHz, and other standard signals can reach 2MHz. The maximum frequency can reach 1MHz, and the frequency resolution of all signals can reach 1Hz (step), which is not the half-fold frequency step method generated by the half-fold frequency division of other handheld computers.

Clipped output

The chopper output is to intercept a part of the whole part from the various complicated signals measured by the oscilloscope as the output signal of the signal generator. It can store up to 1000 customized signals. The signals intercepted by the chopper output device are objective and functional. The signal characteristics generated by the circuit module are completely consistent, the frequency can be freely adjusted within 1Hz~1MHz (@24VPP), and the resolution is as high as 1Hz.

The targeted high intelligence decoding algorithm

1014D decoding algorithm, even if the encoder is completely broken, it will not affect the normal use of the oscilloscope at all, and the encoder that is completely unusable by ordinary oscilloscopes is replaced by the 1014D, and it still runs perfectly, without error operation, getting rid of the encoder Short-lived limitations.

Dual-channel input

With 2 input channels, the input impedance is 1M ohm, it can measure 2 different signals at the same time, and the input 2 sets of signals can be compared to judge and analyze the problem, such as the comparative analysis of the input and output signals of the power amplifier unit to test its magnification Compared with single-channel, it has wider applicability than single-channel, and the characteristics of distortion degree and output internal resistance, or the test of signals such as complementary PWM of half-bridge and full-bridge switching power supply.

Smart anti-burn

Both sets of input channels have built-in high-voltage protection modules, which can tolerate up to 400V voltage input, so there is no need to worry about the oscilloscope burnout accident caused by not moving the probe to the 10X position for high-voltage measurement.

best 1014d oscilloscope

One-click automatic adjustment

No need for tedious manual adjustment, built-in high-efficiency tracking control algorithm, automatic identification of signal characteristics and adaptive 25%, 50%, 75% trigger level, even for dead zone signals or multi-edge signals can be adjusted out, the adjustment accuracy is high, adjustment The latter waveform appears in the center of the screen, and the time is short. It only takes 2 seconds to automatically adjust the 1V peak-to-peak signal. The greater the amplitude of the measured signal, the shorter the time required for adjustment.

Complete trigger function

It has three trigger modes: automatic, single and normal. The single trigger mode tests aperiodic burst signals, such as automobile ignition signals; the normal trigger mode tests aperiodic digital logic signals, such as infrared remote control signals; the automatic trigger mode tests periodic analog signals, such as a sinusoidal signal.

Manual cursor measurement

When the test signal is too noisy or contains a square wave with a spike signal, the parameters automatically measured by the system will be affected and become inaccurate. It is necessary to manually read the amplitude or period of the signal to calculate its peak value and frequency. The cursor function is easy and manual. To read the value, you do not need to read the background scale unit and quantity, and you can directly get the peak-to-peak value and frequency without conversion.

fnirsi-1014d two-in-one oscilloscope

One key to take screenshots, one key to saving waveforms

The built-in 1GB storage space can store up to 1000 screenshots and 1000 sets of waveform data. It is very convenient to take screenshots and save the current waveform with just one click.

Powerful waveform picture manager

The waveform picture manager provides powerful waveform data and picture management capabilities and supports thumbnail browsing, viewing, measurement parameter viewing, page turning, and deletion of files. The waveform viewer can perform two operations on the saved waveform data. Secondary analysis, including zooming, panning, cursor measurement, screen capture and other operations, provides a very convenient platform for users to manage the files after storage, and its flexibility is much higher than other ordinary oscilloscopes.

USB image export

The fuselage is equipped with a USB interface, which can be connected to a computer to share its own screenshots with the computer. After connecting to the computer, the oscilloscope will exist in the form of a U disk. The computer can find the screenshots of the oscilloscope in the folder of the removable disk. Copy the picture to a computer or send it to a mobile phone for secondary analysis.

Lissajous Graphic Display

The Lissajous graph uses the input value of channel 1 as the X-axis coordinate and channel 2 as the Y-axis coordinate to generate a curve graph, which can be used to compare the amplitude, frequency and phase of the two groups of signals.

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