Maintenance skills: quickly find the faulty chip through the short-circuit test point "CO"


Maintenance skills: quickly find the faulty chip through the short-circuit test point "CO"

In order to repair the Antminer hash board, the inspection and maintenance of the Antminer hash board is mainly judged by detecting the resistance and voltage of the 5 test points. For a description of test points, please refer to the following articles:

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Among them, "CLK-CO-BO-RST" is sent sequentially

"RI" is sent in reverse

The 5 test points are: CLK-CO-RI-BO-RST

"CO"test point is the protagonist this time


During the inspection process using the test fixture, we can ground the "CO" to prevent signal transmission in order to quickly find the damaged chip

Yes, connect the "CO" test point directly to the heat sink via a long metal pin


The principle of this method:

For example, when the test fixture indicates that the chip "3" has a problem, we can short the CO test points of the "2 and 1" chips in sequence while the test fixture is running, and check where the signal stops. Because the chip that does not send signals must be damaged.


This is a logic detection method, simple and effective, as long as you think carefully, it will be very simple

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