Antminer T17 overclocking firmware


Antminer T17 overclocking firmware

Safe, stable and efficient !


Customized mining address (this firmware must use the following address for mining):


US District:

Working mode: T17 is + -10



After changing the overclocking gear, the miner will restart. After restarting, the firmware will run according to the set gear target and find the most suitable frequency & voltage combination. This process will last about 40-50 minutes. Only then will the normal workload be submitted to the mining pool;

Example of s17pro 53T model: the standard is 68T after configuring overclocking mode + 15 gears, but the actual can reach more than 70T, and different machines will fluctuate slightly due to physical reasons

Normal mode (Normal): ————————

Deceleration mode (low power): from -1t gear to -20t gear

Overclocking mode (turbo): from + 1t gear to + 20t gear

(S17 / S17Pro is + -20T ,  T17 is + -10T)

Antminer T17 overclocking firmware download address:

click to download: T17-Ex-user-OM-202004101801-sig_5768_btc.tar

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