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We offer the worldwide bitmain antminer repair and other ASIC miner repair service centre, mostly are our customers who purchased ASIC miner repair tools and parts from us. they can give you professional service of ASIC miner repairing. and we welcome more friend join us to complete this ASIC miner repair worldwide map together.
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Attention: The miner repair points shown on the map below are independent individuals. This site only offers a free display. Please contact the maintenance point for specific matters. If there is any dispute, please resolve it by negotiation. Any consequences will not be related to this site.
If you can offer Antminer Innosilicon Ebang Whatsminer repair service in your location and want to join this worldwide repair map please contact our repair service manager's email:[email protected]
Now supporting Antminer Innosilicon Ebang Whatsminer hashboard repair service offer Antminer Innosilicon Ebang Whatsminer parts and repair tools kits: Tbilisi - Georgia, Chiang Mai-Thailand, Breda - Netherlands, Irkutsk - Russia, Moscow - Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Santiago - Chile, DF Street - Mexico, Montreal - Canada, Miami - US, Lima - Peru, Malaysia, Brazil, New Zealand, Columbia, Caracas - Venezuela, Medyar - Lebanon, Kuwait, Tehran - Iran, Tabriz - Iran,

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Bitcoin device repair video tutorial & software download

If you want to learn how to repair cryptocurrency ASIC miners, we have prepared tutorials by maintenance engineers. A detailed description of each step of it, for more effectively and fastly to fix them.

Cryptocurrency ASIC miner repair video tutorial

Antminer S9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial.
NEW Antminer S9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial(Including how to use Antminer test fixture).
Antminer S9 control board down frequency repair firmware video tutorial.
How to use Antminer S9 and T9 chips test fixture (antminer chip test stand).
How to repair L3+ hash board.
How to use Antminer L3+ chips test fixture (chip test stand).

Bitmain antminer and other ASIC miner repair software download

Antminer S9 control board down frequency repair firmware.
Xshell5 and USB driver[Choose PL2303](For test fixture S9 and L3+).
Bitmain Antminer S9 temperature sensing files.
Antminer S9 Test Fixture TF Card File
Antminer T9+ Test Fixture TF Card File

Bitcoin rig hash board repair guide manual

Antminer S9 Repair guide manual[EN]
Antminer L3+ Repair guide manual[CHS]
Antminer S9k hash board repair guide manual
Antminer S15 T15 hash board repair guide manual
Antminer S17 hash board repair guide
Antminer T9+ hash board repair guide manual
Ebang Ebit E10 hash board repair guide manual
Innosilicon miner hash board repair guide manual
WhatsMiner M3 hashboard repair guide manual
WhatsMiner M10 hash board repair guide manual
Whatsminer M20S hashboard repair guide manual
Antminer S11 hash board repair guide manual
Antminer T17 hash board repair guide manual
Antminer T17e hash board repair guide manual
Antminer T17+ hash board repair guide manual
Antminer s17e hash board repair guide manual
Antminer s17+ hash board repair guide manual

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Q:Hello im from Venezuela, i want to buy some parts for repair, for example. pcie conectors, fans, cables, etc. I just want to know from where you send those parts. China? USA? Other?
A:Hello, sending from China, you can add WhatsAPP: +8618623251355 for more information
Simon Mallinson 13/7/2020 0:10:27
Q:Dear Sirs,
I hope that you are well? I would like to buy an APW 8 psu for Antminer S11 10-11 volts, can you tell me cost of postage please?

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3.New universal test fixture kit, including new models such as S17+ S17e T17+ T17e  ×1
4.Original Antminer official fan 12cmx12cmx3.8cm 12V 2.7A 10units
5.MOS chip for fix hash board 0 hash rate 10units
6.Repair tool: 1000 times electron microscope, 4.3 inch screen 1units
7.10 pieces Antminer BM1393CE chip is suitable for: S9se S17e T17e S17+ T17+ 10pcs
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A:Hello my friend, please add WhatsAPP: +8618623251355, in addition we have sent the list to your email
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A:Hello my friend, the email address is: [email protected]
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Q:hello my lord Dhika, from Medan City. Indonesia may I ask please help me instructions, how to dowloand Antminer Chp software .. Xshell 5 programs ... how to dowloand ,,, install from the beginning in detail sir thank you as much ... for help the master gave
A:Hello friends, please pay attention to the tutorial column of the website. There are detailed introductions and instructions
MASAMI SUZUKI 18/5/2020 17:41:18
Q:Is it possible to use e-maill instead of WhatsAPP?
I'm not using WhatsAPP.
A:Of course my friend, what do you need?
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