Innosilicon T3+57T firmware upgrade

This upgrade mainly solves the power communication failure of the Innosilicon T3+ 57T model, and the specific manifestation is the error code 22 of the Innosilicon miner. 

The download interface is as follows:

firmware download interfaceThe upgrade method is as follows:

1. Use InnoMonitor for a batch upgrade. During the upgrade process and within 15 minutes after the tool prompts the operation is successful, it is strictly forbidden to perform any operation on the miner, including power off, network disconnection, setting of the mining pool, setting of operation mode, etc. Otherwise, it will cause physical damage to the power supply.

InnoMonitor batch management tool download interface:

management tool download interface

Upgrade operation interface 

2. After the upgrade is completed, you need to review the power supply version to confirm that all miner power supply versions are 5.70. If the version number is not updated, you need to re-upgrade.

3. If the miner with error code 22 has already appeared before the upgrade, you need to manually turn off the miner's power switch and restart the miner before the upgrade. You can upgrade after the error code 22 is no longer displayed.

4. For miners whose power supply version is blank, select these miners, perform the standby operation on the batch operation page, perform the wake-up operation after 5 seconds, and rescan to display the power supply version correctly. It should be noted that this operation cannot be performed during the upgrade process, and within 15 minutes after the upgrade is completed, otherwise the power supply will be damaged.

power supply version 

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