Innosilica A4 miner network problem repair

How to repair Innosilicon A4 miner network failure? This article will explain the specific steps of network repair in detail through the following three points, hoping to help you.

1. The computer is set to obtain IP automatically. Then, unplug the computer network and re-insert once again (assigned IP, then re-distribution of IP and router is the same gateway). Then check the computer's gateway (the router of the gateway). Assume that the computer gateway is at this time.

2. The computer's IP is manually set to, the gateway is set to, and then use the double - headed network cable connects the computer and the Raspberry Pi. Assemble the miner, then plug in the card and boot. Boot about a minute later, input in the computer browser address bar (under normal circumstances, you can see the LTC console, if not, it may be a double - headed cable, SD card, or controller damaged). After you see the console, you can modify the mine pool address, pool account number, and password, change these points after the confirmation button to save mine information, and then modify the IP according to the above assumptions of the gateway: will mine Machine IP to 192.0.0. * (* For any number between 10 to 255, but be careful not to set the same IP as the current router, where the LAN has if the two IPs within the same network will not be able to mine) DNS for the local operation of the DNS (DNS North American customers can not modify, with to Google) and then set the network. After five seconds, unplug the cable between the computer and the machine. Connect the miner to a router or switcher. Restart the PSU of the miner.

3. Modifying the way to access the PC's IP is to obtain IP automatically. Then connect the computer with the router (at this time, the computer gateway and router gateway are the same); after about 1 minute, enter the modified IP of the miner just now into the browser to monitor the operational status of the miner.

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