Fidelity Marketing Director: 90% of top customers are asking about Bitcoin

Fidelity Marketing Director: 90% of top customers are asking about Bitcoin


According to reports, Christine Sandler, head of sales and marketing at asset management giant Fidelity, said in an interview with the Boston Globe that 90% of Fidelity's top customers ask about Bitcoin. She said, "We are dealing with more traditional investors, and the entry tool in this field is mainly Bitcoin." In addition, she added that the interest in altcoins "is completely consistent with what we see on Bitcoin. Different". In addition, when Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity's digital asset business department, was asked whether he would support other altcoins, Jessop replied: "In terms of asset coverage, I don't think we will become the most comprehensive service provider." Previously 3 In December, Fidelity Digital Assets submitted a Bitcoin trust application to the US SEC. It is also reported that Fidelity has been mining Bitcoin since 2015, and its operations "mainly rely on Canadian hydropower" and other renewable energy sources. At present, the scale of Fidelity's Bitcoin mining business is unclear, but it is said that the scale is small, and the profits are high.

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