Bitcoin mining company, CleanSpark's revenue, grows 400% in 2021

Bitcoin mining company, CleanSpark's revenue, grows 400% in 2021


According to reports, during CleanSpark's earnings call on Tuesday, CleanSpark announced that CleanSpark's total revenue in fiscal 2021 has increased by 400%. Still, this sustainable Bitcoin mining and energy technology company also recorded a net of US$21.8 million. With a loss of $0.75 per share, in the year ended September 30, CleanCleanSpark'snue was $49.4 million, an increase from the $10 million in the previous year. As the price of Bitcoin rose, more than $27 million in revenue came from the fourth quarter. As a result, the net loss is slightly lower than its 2020 fiscal year of US$23.3 million or a loss of US$2.44 per share. CleanCleanSpark'ssted EBITDA this year was 9 million U.S. dollars, or earnings per share of 0.31 U.S. dollars, compared with 10.2 million U.S. dollars in the same period last year and a loss per share of 1.07 U.S. dollars.

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