Kraken Marketing Director Dan Held: Bitcoin will exceed the real estate market value of $200 trillion

Kraken Marketing Director Dan Held: Bitcoin will exceed the real estate market value of $200 trillion


Kraken Marketing Director Dan Held believes that Bitcoin will exceed the real estate market value of $200 trillion, which will bring the price of BTC to approximately $9.5 million per token. "This is a wide range of numbers, but I think the market value of Bitcoin should be between ten and two trillion..." In an interview with Kitco News, Held asked the host to suspend his $200 trillion market value of Bitcoin Skeptical, saying that he should consider the "total addressable market for value asset storage." He went on to list value store assets, including gold, legal tender, sovereign debt, and real estate, which themselves have a market value of $250 trillion. He added that as a store of value, all of these are "essentially weaker than Bitcoin." "None of them are digitally native. Many of them can be found and censored. There are other things that cannot be done with them. They are indivisible. They are not very durable, so the currency properties of Bitcoin make it a very sexy value  Asset storage." Held believes that Bitcoin will compete with real estate at some point, reaching a valuation of $200 trillion. However, he did not give an approximate timetable for this happening, only that it will last a long time. Recently, Greg Foss, executive director of Validus Power Corp, proposed a Bitcoin market value of $45 trillion, priced at $2.1 million for BTC. His idea is that Bitcoin may account for 5% of the global valuation of $900 trillion in assets in the future. He said that this would happen within the next decade as oil and gas suppliers abandon the U.S. dollar and switch to Bitcoin. (Cryptoslate) Although this seems to be a big problem at the moment, Fox insists that the dollar, as an inflationary asset, will depreciate over time, which is a major problem for energy suppliers.

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