Bitmain Antminer ZYNQ XCZU2EG control board C93 for E9


Bitmain Antminer ZYNQ XCZU2EG control board C93 for E9
Function: Bitmain Antminer E9 air-cooling miner.
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Brand new original Bitmain Antminer E9 control board, replacing the faulty E9 miner control board, helping miners quickly calculate and generate hash data of hash rate. By purchasing a new control board instead of repairing and replacing control board parts yourself, you can greatly save operation and maintenance time and costs, and replacing the control board is faster and more convenient. No maintenance experience is required. It is very convenient. Everyone is welcome to buy it.

control board for E9

control board for Bitmain Antminer E9

E9 replacement board

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Rhys 2024/5/9 15:22:37
Q:Hi I’m new to repairing hash boards, I pretty much need everything to be able to repair boards, could you advise me on a list of tools, paste, chips, etc thanks
A:Hello, you can contact our sales staff via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get a product quote. Thank you for your attention.
Nattaset Somsri 2024/5/3 5:07:42
Q:1. The Combined shelf product , does it has lock on shelf I#39m mining in my home but just in case there are some thief breaking my windows.

2. C45 rail U socket rail , what is it used for

3. Antminer S19j pro shell case , does it has lock on the case or just a normal case

4. Power socket module , I see it supports 63A , I have 3 phase electricity and blue power plug with 30A. Does this product use just normal power socket or blue power plug
A:Hello, you can contact our sales staff via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) for more details. Thank you for your attention.
ahmed 2024/5/2 18:55:16
Q:is water colling device 4.5kw working with s19 pro hydro or must use other one like 8k or 12
A:Hello, S19PRO Hydro miner needs to be used with an 8KW or 12KW radiator. Please contact sales via WhatsApp +8618623251355 or email [email protected] for more information and details.
Simon 2024/4/28 14:19:47
Q:I live in Australia, do you ship there and how much would it be to ship an APW3 PSU
A:Yes, we can deliver to Australia. You can contact sales via WhatsApp +8618623251355 or [email protected] for details.
Pigeanne 2024/4/25 8:14:38
Does the aluminum foil hose has to go outside Not possible in my place.
Ils the box suitable for the new S21 Antminer
Could you send me a quote for 2 silencer wifi Including the shipping cost to France 83 avenue Charles de Gaulle 33200 Bordeaux. My name is Pierre PIGEANNE.
Best regards
A:Hi, Pierre PIGEANNE, you can contact our sales staff via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) for details. Thank you for your attention.
erfan 2024/4/23 11:55:09
Q:hi, I am Erfan from Indonesia
I have iceriver KS3M for 1 month now.
but studently one of the hashboard stop working. i updated KS3M With latest Firmware and check the temperature of chip. i found that chip no 18 has 125 degree. other are good below 100 degree. is this cause of this hashboard stop working
and can it repair

thank you
A:Hello, please contact our technician via WhatsApp +8619123969124.
TJ 2024/4/23 2:13:03
Q:Does the ANTPDU PW12V1 require 5 wire WYE 3 phase, or can this be wired into 4 wire Delta 3 phase
A:Hello, this is the instructions about ANTPDU PW12V1.
You can also contact sales via WhatsApp +8618623251355 or [email protected] to learn more.
Ruwan samara 2024/4/23 1:54:45
Q:Dear all, What is the part number for SMD code 100TT sot-23-5 5 pin
A:Hello, please provide clear pictures and more information to WhatsApp +8618623251355 or [email protected].
JS 2024/4/22 23:42:27
Q:Can I use a P221C power supply to replace a P221B versioon. On a whatminer
A:Hello, P221C can be used with Whatsminer M20, M30, M31, M32, M30S, M30S+, M30S++, M50, etc.
P221B is used for M60, M60S, M30S++, M50, M50S, M50S+, M50S++, M30S, M30S+, etc.
If you have any questions, please contact the sales manager via WhatsApp +8618623251355 or [email protected].
steven cross 2024/4/17 19:09:10
Q:i have 2 avalon 1246 miners but temps getting up there is the water kit with radiator the whole kit to make them cooler
A:Hello, you can use the Avalon 1246 upgraded liquid cooling plate kit to retrofit your miner, please contact WhatsApp +8618623251355 or email [email protected] for details. Thank you for your attention.









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