• Antminer S19 Series Firmware Download

    Firmware for Bitmain Antminer SHA256 bitcoin S19 series, such as Antminer S19, Antminer S19j Pro, Antminer S19j, Antminer S19i, Antminer S19a Pro, Antminer S19 Pro+ Hydro, Antminer T19 Hydro, Antminer S19 Pro, Antminer S...


  • JASMINER Firmware Download

    Download and update the Jasminer firmware program to troubleshooting the miner abnormal running.Miner modelFile nameFile sizePublish dateActionJASMINER X4 High throughput Mini serverJasMiner-X4-Brick-20220726-183045.tar....


  • Whatsminer Firmware Download

    Download the firmware file for Whatsminer M3, M10, D1, M2x, M3x and M5x series.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionUpdate timeActionM3x, M5x and M6x seriesWhatsminer-M6X&M5X&M3X-all-20240329.14.bin21MB1. Appl...


  • iPollo Miner Firmware Download

    Download the iPollo miner firmware for iPollo V series, B series and G series miner.File nameFile sizeActionV1-firmware 88MDownloadV1-sdcard88MDownloadB-firmware7MDownloadB-sdcard7MDownloadG-firmware8.9MDownload...


  • iBeLink BM Series Firmware Download

    Free download iBeLink BM series miner firmware, applicable to iBeLink BM-K1, BM-K1Max, BM-S1Max, BM-KSMax, BM-N3Max, BM-S3, BM-K3, BM-N3, BM-N3Mini, BM-K3Mini, BM-N3Mini etc. The latest official iBeLink miner firmware wi...


  • Antminer 21 Series Firmware Download

    Update the corresponding firmware to solve the operating faults of Antminer S21, S21 hyd, T21 and other miners. By flashing the firmware and programming the correct operating procedures, you can effectively extend the se...


  • SD Card Firmware Download for Antminer 19 Series

    Antminer S19 series high-performance ASIC miners use different types of control boards, including A113D AML control board, zynq7007 control board and BB BeagleBone control board. For example, the S19k pro model uses 3 ty...


  • Antminer CKB Miner Firmware Download

    Bitmain official firmware download for Antminer K7 and Antminer K5 repairs.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer K7 firmwareAntminer-K7-release-202305291649.bmu17.50MBUpdates:1. Refine firmwa...


  • Antminer KDA Miner Firmware Download

    Download the official KDA miner Antminer KA3 firmware file for free to improve miner performance.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionOthersAntminer KA3 firmwareAntminer-KA3-release-202309251604.bmu1...


  • Antminer XMR Miner Firmware Download

    Bitmain XMR miner firmware file download, suitable for Antminer X3 and Antminer X5.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer X3 firmwareANTMINER-X3-201811131315-0M.tar.gz11.56MBSecurity Firmware,...


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