Antminer universal chip fixture test fixture


Antminer universal chip fixture test fixture
Function: Full set hash board tester for Antminer S19pro, S17+, S19j, S19jPro, S19XP, D7, L7, S21, etc. models.
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Product description:

Antminer chips fixture / Antminer test fixture / hashboard tester / Multifunctional test fixture

This Antminer universal test fixture is use to test the hash board ASIC chip status on the Antminer S21, KA3, HS3, K7, D7, L7, S19k Pro, S19XP, S19 XP Hyd, S19 Pro, T19 Hyd, S19 Hyd, S19j Pro, S19j, S19+, S19j Pro+, T19, S19, S19i, S17+, S17e, S17, S17 Pro, T17+, T17e, T17, S15, T15, Z15, S11, S9se, S9k, S9j, S9i, T9+, T9, Z9, Z9mini, S9, etc. to help us find which exactly chip damaged, help us to replacement and easily to repair hash board.

In addition, this test fixture also supports the following models, but the test fixture files need to be purchased separately. Please contact sales for details;

Antminer S21 Hydro 330T hash board test file

Sell high-quality Antminer universal hash board test fixtures.


1. High-quality and professional use;

2. It can quickly locate the faulty chip;

3. Accurate and efficient, greatly reducing the inspection time;

4. The Antminer test fixture is a necessary toolkit for repairing miners.

This Antminer test fixture / chips fixture supporting Antminer hash boards repair: 

S21, KA3, HS3, K7, D7, L7, S19k Pro, S19XP, S19 XP Hyd, S19 Pro, T19 Hyd, S19 Hyd, S19j Pro, S19j, S19+, S19j Pro+, T19, S19, S19i, S17+, S17e, S17, S17 Pro, T17+, T17e, T17, S15, T15, Z15, S11, S9se, S9k, S9j, S9i, T9+, T9, Z9, Z9mini, S9, etc.

Attention please: the test fixtures sent by us by default are not coated with insulating paint. Please do not touch the powering unit with bare hands during the use of this product. Once touched, static electricity will be generated and the CPU will overheat and cannot be used. Apply insulating paint to the powering area, or wear electrostatic gloves before using this product.

Antminer chips fixture

Antminer test fixture

More convenient to use and more stable performance.

An essential tool for quickly repairing hash boards.

When submitting the order, please inform the salesperson which type of TF card (test data card) you need. If the model is not specified, we will send S17 test TF card by default, and you can replace the required model test card in the future.

Connection port diagram (similar to the previous generation):

① TF card interface

② Ring 12V power interface

③ Test data line interface

④ Voltage regulation line interface (used when testing combined miners)

⑤ USB—TTL interface

⑥ 12V miner power connector

Repair tool Antminer chips fixture

Please note: 

Due to different production batches, some circuit boards do not have a 3-pin connector, so you need to solder the USB to TTL cable directly on the circuit board. In order to avoid the cable being torn during customs inspection, the default In this case, the cables are not welded. Customers should self-welding them after receiving the test fixture.

Line order:




Red = not connected.

Carrying accessories:

① USB — TTL Converter

② TF program card (the default is S17)

③ Power Adapter(Not applicable for combined miner testing)

④ Power supply voltage adjustment line

⑤ Test data cable

test data cable

The precautions for using Antminer hashboard tester are as follows:

1. If you test a combined miner (a miner with its own power supply), you must use the power supply that comes with the miner to power the test fixture and the hash board. It is forbidden to use any third-party or adjustable power supply! Otherwise, it may cause equipment failure!

2. If you want to try different versions of miner hash boards, just change the corresponding TF card program. We send S17 TF program cards by default. If you need to accommodate more miners, please note that this model and the TF card with the fix are $5 and require additional sales.

If you need to test a miner with a 24-pin IO interface (such as T9 and T9+), you need to add an additional adapter:

Antminer T9+ test adapter board

Data line 2*12 60cm

Test renderings:

universal chip fixture test fixture for Antminer

Please refer to the following articles for usage:

New version of multifunctional test fixture manual

Click to: Antminer test fixture TF data card

The new version of the test fixture has the same connection method as the previous generation, so we did not make a new version of the connection tutorial. Please refer to the connection method of the previous generation product. They are the same.


If the test fixture is damaged due to the following reasons, we do not provide after-sale service:

1. Connect to the network interface of the main control board of the test fixture to cause damage to the test fixture;

2. The fan interface on the main control board of the test fixture cannot be used. If unauthorized use causes damage to the test fixture, we will not provide after-sales service.

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer T17

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer S17

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer T15

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer  S15

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer S11

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer S9se

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer S9k

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer S9j

Related maintenance tools:

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de Wykerslooth 2024/3/27 1:25:38
Q:Hello, I live in France and I#39ve just received two ASIC noise silencers. Could you please tell me how to connect them to our outlets 230V 50Hz
A:Hello, please contact the after-sales technical support on WhatsApp +8619123969124 to get help.
Andrew 2024/3/24 23:16:35
Q:I have an IceRiver KS3M and was wondering if your $200 silencer boxes crypto miner silencer with wifi version is fitted for this model or if the $64 enlarged fan iceriver silencer is the only one for the KS3M.
A:Hello, these silencers can be adapted to the IceRiver KS3M. Please contact WhatsApp +8618623251355 for details.
Yram Soto 2024/3/22 0:09:27
Q:Can i put the Lianli ASIC water cooling row 8KW outside of the house
A:Hello, water-cooled radiators can be placed outside the house as long as safety is ensured. Before doing this, please protect it from moisture, dust, impact, etc.
Chris 2024/3/20 1:02:07
Q:I have a antminer s19 pro, I would like to have instructions on where I solder the red wire to make the 9003IB MOS chip Integrated board work. I can seem to find any specific information on your website for this application. Please help
A:You need to solder the red wire to the negative terminal of the Zener diode on the back of the original TPHR9003NL MOS chip. Here is a sample image:
you can view the installation demonstration video of 9003IB:
GW Gregory 2024/3/19 4:55:45
Q:Antminer APW12 4800W power supply
Could you let me know when this PSU is available Thanks
A:Hello, if this product is in stock, we will contact you in time.
If you need Antminer S21 power supply, please view APW17 1215a and contact sales on WhatsApp +8618623251355 to get a quote.
Mr. Johnson 2024/3/19 3:51:46
Q:You do not have a complete KS3, KS3M kit. Please give me a list of items I need for a complete water cooling system. I would like to place an order as soon as possible.

Thank you
A:Hello, this is the water cooling kit for IceRiver KS3M KS3L, please check it out.
Please contact the sales manager on WhatsApp +8618623251355 to ask for more details about the radiator and water cooling plate.
Oscar 2024/3/17 1:05:27
Q:Hello, do you have water cooling for
S19K PRO 110TH
thank you
A:Hello, Zeus Mining supports customized water cooling systems. Please contact sales on WhatsApp +8618623251355 or email [email protected] for more information and details.
Petr Kaška 2024/3/15 14:38:21
Q:Hello, I am interested in your water cooling product, I have antminer s19j pro, are there different versions of this product How do I know them Another question is how much liquid do I need as a refill, as you recommend, I will also buy it from you. Will there be a problem with shipping to the Czech Republic Thank you for answer. Kaska
A:Hello, S19j pro hash board is divided into resin board and aluminum substrate, and the hash rate is also different.
To ensure accuracy, you can carefully open the S19jpro and pull out the hash board, check the hash board version printed on the surface, such as BHB42631, and send the version number to the sales manager on WhatsApp +8618623251355 to communicate the details.
Here is an example image of hash board version https://www.zeusbtc.com/Upload/image/202403/17101378731438047.jpg
Jim 2024/3/12 14:00:41
Q:Looking for either Hashboard repair or a new hashboard form my BM-K3 KDA 70Th miner

A:Hi Jim, you can contact our sales staff via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to obtain the latest product quotations. Thank you for your attention.
Matthew 2024/3/10 23:32:48
Q:I have 2 goldshell miners not working. I tried to troubleshoot but with no success. Can you help me repair them Is there a USA branch of your company I am on the East Coast. Let me know the process, thank you,
A:Hello, we do not provide repair services. You can find repair centers in the USA here https://www.zeusbtc.com/RepairCenter/USA/
Please note that we only provide information, please be careful to distinguish the authenticity. ZEUS MINING does not assume any responsibility for the repair center. Thank you for your attention.









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