PicoBT Multifunctional Hash Board Tester


PicoBT Multifunctional Hash Board Tester
Function: Suitable for more than 80 hash boards such as S19j Pro+, KA3, L7, S19PRO Hydro+, M32, M50 T2TH, L1, etc., and more than 20 power supplies such as APW12, P221C.
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Product description:

PicoBT is a professional miner tester that can diagnose and repair more than 88 hash boards and 20 miner power models such as Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Antminer, Aixin, Cheetah and Dragon.

PicoBT tester parts

Compared to traditional miner repair methods, PicoBT tester with unique its features can reduce the diagnostic time by at least 10 times, and increase the accuracy of diagnose by 4 times in troubleshooting minor components, namely Hashboards and smart power supplies units. In addition, it is a maintenance tool integrating the EEPROM editor and tester.

PicoBT interface

Warm reminder: Please do not try to crack the fixture program. Once the program is attacked, the jig will be automatically locked, causing the jig to be unable to be used. ZEUS MINING is not responsible.

PicoBT chip fixture

Wide range of supported models:

• More than 88 hash board models, including Antminer, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, etc.:

Antminer: S9, S9i, S9j, S9k, S9se, T9+, L3+, T17, T17+, T17e, T17pro, S17, S17+, S17e, S17pro, S11, T19, S19, S19pro, S19j, S19J pro, S19A, S19A pro, S19_88, T19Hydro, S19Hydro, S19pro Hydro, S19J PRO No Pic, S19XP, S19AL, S19+, S19i, S19PRO Hydro+, S19PRO+, S19J PRO+, S19K Pro, KA3, L7,  S7, D7, K7, S15, T15;

Innosilicon:  T1, T2, T3, T3+, S3, S3+, T3H, A4, A4+, A6, A6+, T2T, T2T+, T2Ti, T2Ts, T2Tz, T2Tzs, T2Tzu, T2Tza, T2Th, T2Ths, T2Thm, T2Thf, T2Th+, T2Ths+, T2Thm+, T2Thf+, T2Thl+, L1, L2, L2HU, L2HF, L2HL, L2HS, T1H;

WhatsMiner: M3V1, M3V2, M20, M20s, M21, M21s, M30s, M30s+, M30s++, M31s, M31s+, M32, M32s, M50, M50s;

Aixin, Cheetah, Aladdin, and Dragon: A1, Q3, F1, S5, T1.

• Supports testing of more than 20 power supply models:

Innosilicon: G1138, G1240, G1266, G1286, G1306, QB2412-B, QB2412-C;

Whatsminer: P21, P20, P21e, P21d, P221, P222C;

Antminer: APW8, APW9, APW9+, APW12;

Aixin, Cheetah: TT240015P, HQ2500-A02.

• EEPROM Flash and Editor:

Antminer (S11, 17 series) and Whatsminer hash board.

PicoBT Hash Board chip fixture

PicoBT package

To facilitate your maintenance, we will present more maintenance tools. This product contains:

Product name


P6020 oscilloscope probe kit


Test fixture cable 9*2 60cm


Whatsminer data line data cable


Innosilicon Test fixture cable 7*2 60cm


Adjustable power supply


Headband magnifier 25X


PicoBT hash board tester kit

PicoBT hashboard tester spare parts

In addition, the tester needs to be used with a WANPTEK high-power DC power supply, which is suitable for most miner hash boards.

Tester port description:

PicoBT tester function button

PicoBT tester PSU ports

PicoBT tester product advantages:

• Models: Troubleshoot 88 hash board models and 20 smart PSU models with just one universal tester and sync hash board serial numbers.

• Speed and Accuracy: With the PicoBT tester, any hash board damage and healthy chips can be detected 10 times faster; the detection speed is fast and accurate.

• PSU enabling: In addition to diagnosing failures with hash boards, this tester can troubleshoot more than 20 models of smart power supplies.

• EEPROM editor: It can synchronize the hash boards with different serial numbers inside the miner so that the serial numbers of all hash boards are consistent so that the mining machine can start and work normally. It is suitable for Antminer S9se, S9k, S11, 17 series, 19 series hash boards, and all Whatsminer hash boards. There is no need to connect a power supply to the hash board, and no computer is required.

• Versatility: Ability to test hashes with different precisions and modes to detect weak chips in addition to healthy and broken ones. Additionally, the testing capabilities of the Smart PSU do not require any computer, making the PicoBT a unique universal tester.

PicoBT for sale

How to use the PicoBT tester:

First, connect the hash board, power supply, and tester. The connection effect is as follows:

connection between PicoBT tester and S17 hash board

Enter the hash board tester mode, then press the on/off switch, and you will see the select hash board page as shown below:

PicoBT tester interface

This test takes the S17 hash board as an example. After selecting the S17 option, press the white key to enter the S17 tester page. At this time, the page will display the name of the selected hash board, as shown in the figure below:

PicoBT tester page

The thin blue line on the screen of Note2 indicates which interface of the tester must be used to connect to the selected hash board. Note 3 represents the working methods of different keys.

how to use  PicoBT tester

How to use PicoBT universal tester to test the Antminer S9 hash board:

The specific key functions are as follows:

PSU: Press the PSU button to enable S17 PSU (APW9 with 19V, you need to use a PSU cable to connect the tester and PSU.

MOD: Select the test mode by pressing the MOD button. S17 has 2 test modes: Mode 1 and Mode 2.

ONE: If you toggle this button, it will change to 999. This means how many times you want to test the hash board. Once or repeat 999 times.

PIC: If you toggle this button, it becomes PC0 and PC1. If PC0 is selected, the tester enables the PIC microcontroller in the hash board, turns on the MOSFET in the hash board, and makes the current flow into the hash board. In this case, the RST signal remains at 0v in the hash board. If PC1 is selected, the PIC microcontroller in the hash board will be enabled, but the RST signal will remain high (1.8v on the test point). If you choose PIC, it will turn off the MOSFET in the hash board.

Note: If you select PC0 or PC1, test the hash board with the 999 option; the PIC of the selected hash board will turn on as long as you test it. Otherwise, PIC will be turned on and off for each test.

Back: If you press the back button, you will return to the page where you selected the hash board.

TEST: After adjusting the PSU, MOD, and ONE options, you can press the TEST button to test the hash board.

After testing the hash board, you will see the following test results on the screen:

PicoBT hash board tester interface

Note 4 indicates how many times the tester has tested the hash board;

Note 5 indicates how many chips the selected hash board should have under healthy conditions;

Note 6 indicates how many healthy chips the tester has detected from the first ASIC to the front.

Note 7 indicates how many healthy chips the oscilloscope has detected from the last ASIC to the reverse signal test point of any chip connected by the oscilloscope probe.

Activation tutorial of PicoBT test fixture

Please follow the steps below to correctly activate the PicoBT test fixture:

1. Insert one end of the DuPont cable into "② SWCLK", "④ SWDIO", "⑤ or ⑥ GND", "⑨ or ⑩ 5.0V" of the programmer.

PicoBT Upgrade Kit

2. Download the STM32 ST-LINK Utility software and install it on the computer.

STM32 ST-LINK Utility software

3. Insert the ST-LINK V2 programmer into the computer, and then connect the other end of the Dupont cable to the SWDIO, SWCLK, GND and 5V pins of the test fixture.

PicoBT dupont

4. Click the icon 1 on the STM32 ST-LINK Utility software to start connecting the test fixture.

5. Click the icon 2 to start loading the new firmware (with Hex format)

6. Click the icon 3 to start programming. When "OK" appears on the interface of the STM32 ST-LINK Utility software, it means that the test fixture has been successfully activated. At this time, the tester will also restart.

PicoBT test result

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dennis mc. 2024/6/14 0:21:43
Q:Hello, I am trying to use your quotAntminer S19 S19kpro S21 T21 temperature sensing boardquot without any luck. Does this work if the resistors and capacitors of any given temperature sensor have corroded off the board as well For example, if U7 on a S19J Pro board has corroded pads and the resistors and capacitors next to it have also corroded off, can I use this module or do the resistors and capacitors need to work
A:Hello, please contact our senior technician via WhatsApp +8619123969124, and he will provide you with technical support.
Steven 2024/6/12 6:27:52
Q:Lian Li 12KW water cooling kit for Hydro
Question about this Hydro Cooler, is it possible to change the Airstream-Direction of this Cooler, we have a Rack setup and it makes no sense to blow the quothot Airquot in the direction of all the connectors and temp-displays into the center of the room. is there a quotinternal switch quot or must we swap all fans.
thanks for your support
A:Hello, please contact our senior technician via WhatsApp +8619123969124, he will provide you with technical support.
Will 2024/6/12 5:04:53
I am running some Whatsminer m30s miner units. I would like to know if you have any overclocking firmware I am not looking to upgrade the psu, just need an overclocking firmware. If this is something you can offer, please let me know the specification and price.

Many thanks,
A:Hello, William! You can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get detailed information of relevant products. Thank you for your attention.
aung thein htike 2024/6/9 15:09:23
Q:i need a ks0 hashboard and 2x ks2 hashboard. how much it cost me and how can u send me to Myanmar.
A:Hello, we support shipping to Myanmar. You can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest quotes and shipping information for Iceriver series products. Thank you for your attention.
Mr. Darren La Hee 2024/6/4 2:32:32
Q:Please help My Whatsminer M30s is not powering on. It was working before. The fans were rather loud at that time and when I check it the unit just powered down.
A:Hello, please contact our senior technician WhatsApp +8619123969124, he will provide you with technical support.
artur golla 2024/5/22 7:51:50
Q:hello are any Antminer APW12 overclock PSU usable with an Bitmain K7 what are the prices and availability
A:Hello, we have a variety of APW12 overclocking PSUs for sale, you can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest product information and quotations. Thank you for your attention.
θωμας Σαριγκιολης 2024/5/21 20:26:57
Q:please where can i find it in greecethessaloniki
tvr 14471
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I need a 48v 120a power supply for research purposes
1- can i connect 4 APW7-12v-150A in series an use 48v output
2- can I adjust output voltage around 5 by adding a variable resistor in feedback circuit
3-in APW7-12v-150A pictures I see a lot of wires coming out the device on output side . can i remove them an replace with just two thick wires for and -
A:Hello, please get technical support for related issues via WhatsApp +8619123969124.
mario andres savala 2024/5/13 9:05:39
Q:hola estoy en argentina
en cuanto tiempo llega el produco¿
5411342222257 maria nadres savala
A:Hola, generalmente el tiempo de envío a Argentina es de aproximadamente 4-8 días. Puedes obtener información de envío más detallada a través de WhatsApp (+8618623251355) y correo electrónico ([email protected]). Gracias por su atención.
Mr. Johnson 2024/5/12 12:46:40
Q:I believe I need a new pump for my 12KW water-cooled system I purchased a month ago. Symptoms are excessive air.
A:Hello, you can contact the senior technician on WhatsApp +8619123969124 for more detailed technical support. Thank you for your attention.









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