• How to choose the right ASIC chip for Whatsminer hash board

    During the repair of Whatsminer miners, selecting the ASIC chip that matches the hash board batch number is a precise and necessary task. The ASIC chip replacement principle for Whatsminer hash boards is different f...


  • Is cryptocurrency mining profitable in 2024?

    As 2024 approaches, the future profitability of cryptocurrency mining has received more attention. This article will analyze the upcoming Bitcoin halving in 2024, market volatility, technical challenges, and miners&...


  • How to Quickly Repair an Antminer Hash Board with the 9003IB?

    In the article "What is 9003IB - Integrated Board?", we introduced the functions and detailed demonstrations of the 9003IB. In this article, we will introduce what fault scenarios the 9003IB module can be used ...


  • What is the 9003IB - Integrated Board?

    IntroductionThe 9003IB is an abbreviation for the 9003 integrated board, a module that integrates multiple TPHR9003NL MOSFETs. This module can be used to upgrade and repair the DC control circuit of the Bitmain Antminer ...


  • Bitmain offers BTC Fluctuation Protection Plan for Antminer T21

    Antminer T21 SpecificationsOn October 25, ASIC miner manufacturer Bitmain announced the launch of a new air-cooled BTC miner Antminer T21, with shipping expected in the first quarter of 2024.The data indicates that Antmi...


  • What is the best cooling for ASIC miners?

    As the value of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, more and more individuals and organizations are investing in mining equipment. However, as the performance of miners improves, their calorific value also shows an ...


  • Are Canaan Avalon A1446 and A1466 worth buying?

    In a densely competitive environment, the new generation of ASIC miners is emerging with the goal of providing higher hash rates and better energy efficiency to the cryptocurrency mining community. ASIC miner manufa...


  • ETC miner Jasminer X16-Q Review

    PrefaceIn the current cryptocurrency market, every miner is pursuing machine with lower power consumption and excellent performance. Miners also hope to obtain the highest mining efficiency while maintaining stable opera...


  • Whatsminer M50 series manual

    The Microbt Whatsminer M50 series was launched in 2022. With its efficient performance and excellent power consumption, it has achieved significant market performance in the Bitcoin mining field. This article will analyz...


  • Bitmain APW12 PSU Analysis and Repair Guide

    Cryptocurrency mining is a field that relies heavily on hardware. A stable and efficient power supply is an indispensable "heart" for every miner. It not only provides stable and continuous power support for th...


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