ZEUS MINING launches Dropshipping mode

About Zeus mining Drop Shipping

ZEUS MINING has always been committed to the win-win cooperation model, and now launches the Dropshipping model. You can choose this model after placing an order. This model has several characteristics:

1.Products and packaging will not bear any logo of our company;
2.You can send us your company logo at a small cost, and we will make it and stick it on the product and the packaging box;
3. You don't need to spend a lot of energy on shipping and warehousing, you only need to promote your website or social media, get customers, and leave the rest to us;
4. Enhance your own brand value. No matter what country you are in, as long as you have ASIC miner accessories and maintenance tool sales methods, we can provide you with a zero-cost business plan. Even without any experience, we can provide you with guidance in all aspects;
5. No need to spend effort to take pictures of products, we have prepared product pictures without logos for you, you can get them from the sales manager via WhatsApp.

This method is suitable for users with sales platforms or social media software such as eBay, Amazon, website, Facebook Instagram. Etc.

How to do

First, you need to register an account. On the shopping cart page, you can choose the delivery mode, which is the standard mode or drop shipping mode. When you choose the Dropshipping mode, our warehouse staff will cooperate with you to complete the above content.

If you have your own logo and need to send it to us to make your own logo for delivery, or need a product picture without watermark on our website, please contact our sales manager:
WhatsApp: +8618623251355 (Pre-sale, after-sale, and online tech support service)

About products purchase, please contact our sales manager:
[email protected]

About miner repair and after-sale issues, please contact the repair manager email:
[email protected]

For business cooperation, please contact:
[email protected]

If you have any dissatisfaction during the transaction or have valuable suggestions for us, please contact us via this email address:
[email protected]

Recently, many companies claiming to be mining companies imitate us and say that they are related to us, or that they are our branch companies, which has caused customers to be deceived. Please be careful not to believe any impostors, please check our correct contact information and beware of being deceived getting scammed, and losing money.
please check our right contact way: Here