• IceRiver KS5L Operation Manual and Troubleshooting

    1. Product Overview1.1 Appearance* Indicator Description:Machine StatusIndicator light statusRunning NormallyD2 light blinks, D1, D3, D4 lights are off.Fan AbnormalityD1, D3 lights blink, D2, D4lights are off.Network Iss...


  • Latest Antminer power cable and ANTPDU Instructions

    As the Antminer hash rate increases, the power is also increasing. Especially for the S21 series miner, ordinary PDUs and power cables can no longer support its power. Therefore, it is necessary to use a dedicated plug /...


  • Avalon PSU3300-01 PLUS1 Repair Manual

    Avalon PSU3300-01 PLUS1 power supply is used in the AvalonMiner 1066 series and 1166 series. To help and guide Whatsminer operation and maintenance personnel to effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of repairin...


  • Whatsminer Control Board Inspection and Repair Manual

    Ⅰ. Appearance visual inspectionFor a failed control board, the first thing to check is its appearance. The visual fault detection sequence is as follows:1. Connector damagedThese include 22-pin connector to connect ...


  • IceRiver KS3 and KS3L Operation Manual and Troubleshooting

    1. Product Overview1.1 IceRiver KS3 & KS3L Miner Appearance*Indicator Description:Machine stateIndicator light statusRunning NormallyD2 light blinks, D1, D3, D4 lights are off.Fan AbnormalityD1, D3&nbs...


  • IceRiver KS1 and KS2 Operation Manual and Troubleshooting

    1. Product Overview1.1 IceRiver KS1 & KS2 Appearance2. Function2.1 Start up2.1.1 Precautions·Check whether there is any physical interference causing damage to the machine, and beware of electric shock.·Please check ...


  • ASIC miner water cooling board installation tutorial

    How to install the liquid cooling plate to the ASIC miner hash board for water cooling?Installing a water-cooled plate for the ASIC miner can not only eliminate the noise generated during the miner's operation and im...


  • BM1384 ASIC Chip Datasheet

    I. OverviewBM1384 is a kind of high-performance and low-power consumption bitcoin mining ASIC for Antminer S5.1. Feature• Typical hash rate and powerVoltage(V)Hash Rate(GH/S)Current(A)Total power(W)W/GH0.8022.0012.3109.8...


  • PicoBT Universal Miner Tester User Manual

    PicoBT is a professional miner tester that can diagnose and repair more than 70 hash boards and 19 miner power models such as Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Antminer, Aixin, and Cheetah. Compared with traditional miner testers...


  • Avalon 3300W 3600W power supply repair tutorial

    The Avalon 3300W power supply suitable for Avalon A1066 / A1066Pro / A1166 / A1166Pro / A1246 miners is owned by the majority of miner owners. In order to allow more mine operation and maintenance personnel to quickly an...


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