Terms of service

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your use of this website. Using this site or placing an order constitutes your full and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Agreement Structure

1.1. These sales terms (hereinafter referred to as "terms") apply to all products sold and delivered by Zeus Mining (HongKong) International Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ZEUS MINING) to customers or their representatives (hereinafter referred to as Customers). These Terms of Sale together with the Order and Order Confirmation (if any) are collectively referred to as the "Agreement". Any conditions that contrary to the content of these terms, such as: purchase terms, other terms attached to or referred to in the Customer's order, only apply if an authorized person of ZEUS MINING approves such conditions in writing.
1.2. The Customers or their representatives are deemed to accept these Terms if:
(i) purchase products,
(ii) clicking the accept button, or checking the accept box online, or similar acceptance action
(iii) written or verbal consent
(iv) acceptance of deliveries of products or partial deliveries of products
(v) payment or partial payment
(vi) other acts that constitute acceptance;
The above situation is subject to the action that occurs first.
1.3. The products are sold for commercial and personal use.

2. Orders and Order Confirmations

After ZEUS MINING receives the customer's order, it will be confirmed according to the procedures of ZEUS MINING. Customer acknowledges and accepts such order confirmation sent via WhatsApp or Email or other electronic interface. Customers can always request a written order confirmation by contacting ZEUS MINING's customer service.

3. Product Pricing

Products on the website will be sold at the prices prevailing on the day of the order in accordance with ZEUS MINING's price list at that time. The product prices do not include taxes, tariffs or other applicable costs. Each country has different tax and customs clearance fee policies, and customers are solely responsible for payment of all taxes, tariffs, customs clearance fee or other applicable charges associated with product purchases.

4. Fees and Payment Terms

Payment shall be made in advance in accordance with the order directly by Bitcoin payment, or Wire transfer, or any other method offered by ZEUS MINING from time to time. Full payment is a condition for ZEUS MINING to accept the order.
If payment is not received within the usual time for the payment method used, ZEUS MINING is entitled to:
(i) Until further notice, deliveries of outstanding orders to customers are suspended until payment is received by ZEUS MINING.
(ii) And/or to terminate the Agreement.
For the avoidance of doubt, ZEUS MINING shall not be bound by this Agreement until full payment has been received. Freight costs may be charged separately upon delivery, in which case ZEUS MINING may require additional payment as a condition of delivery of the product.

5. About After-sales Policy and After-sales Time

5.1 After-sale Policy
After the customer receives the goods, if there is any problem, the customer must inform ZEUS MINING of the obvious product problem within 3 days, and we will take the following after-sales measures according to the specific problem:
(i) If the product in the customer's order is wrong or missing, ZEUS MINING will reissue the correct product;
(ii) If the products are damaged during transportation, ZEUS MINING will reissue the corresponding products;
(iii) If ordinary products (excluding miner, power supply, hash board, etc.) are damaged, ZEUS MINING will reissue the products; if the miner, power supply or hash board are damaged, ZEUS MINING will arrange for repairs at the nearest repair center.
(iv) If the technical product received by the customer does not work properly, please take photos or videos within 3 days and send them to the technician for confirmation. After the product is confirmed, ZEUS MINING will reissue the product, and the customer needs to send the faulty product back.
Notice: ZEUS MINING will not provide any after-sales service if the product is damaged due to the customer's unauthorized disassembly of the product. 5.2 After-sales Time
(i) For general goods, we will confirm the problem and inform the customer of the specific solution within 1 day, and then reissue the goods within 2 days;
(ii) If the miner, or hash board, or PSU, etc. is damaged, we will inform the customer within 2 days to send the damaged product to the nearest repair center for repair. The specific repair time shall be discussed according to the damage of the product. If the product cannot be repaired at all, we will reissue the goods.
Notice: when ZEUS MINING is doing after-sales processing, we will judge the correctness of the product based on the photos and videos taken when the goods are packed out of the warehouse, and identify the anti-tampering mark affixed to the product.

6. Warranty (for miners, power supplies and hash boards)

6.1 ZEUS MINING provides warranty service for delivered miners, power supplies and hash board products (Products that are abnormal after the customer receives the goods), but the warranty terms do not apply to damages caused by incorrect use methods, gross negligence, or malicious intentions damage, or in cases involving fraudulent suppliers.
Customers need to be familiar with the following:
(i)The product information provided by ZEUS MINING and the product description provided by the manufacturer only represent the characteristics and conditions of the relevant products, and other advertisements, slogans and statements issued by the manufacturer are not considered to be the characteristics and conditions of the products described;
(ii) The customer is obliged to check whether there is any deviation in quality and quantity of the goods in a timely manner, and inform ZEUS MINING of obvious product problems through WhatsApp or Email or other electronic interfaces within 3 days after receiving the goods. Warranty claims cannot be made if the customer has not fulfilled his obligation to inspect and notify the product of anomalies.
(iii)If there is a defect in the product, we will immediately provide after-sales service according to the after-sales policy. In the event that repairs are required, we will not be responsible for the cost of moving the products to a designated repair point.
6.2 The customer warrants that the product will always operate in accordance with the published specifications after delivery from ZEUS MINING, and use the product in accordance with the instructions and requirements always issued by ZEUS MINING, including but not limited to the operating environment specified by the product. Product is for indoor use only. Liability for defects does not cover defects resulting from incorrect handling of the product after the risk of the product has passed to the customer, such as, but not limited to, defects due to normal wear and tear or degradation. ZEUS MINING guarantees that the products are delivered free from pledges or any other encumbrances unknown to the customer. Any warranty obligation of ZEUS MINING requires the customer to lodge a written complaint within a reasonable time, at the latest no later than 24 hours after the customer knew or should have known about the defect or failure in question. The content of this limited warranty is in lieu of all other written or unwritten, express or implied warranties.
6.3 All sales are final. ZEUS MINING does not accept returns. There will also be no refunds for returned items without a proper RMA. Any product that fails to function due to a manufacturer defect will be replaced upon issuance of an RMA and the item being returned to ZEUS MINING at its own expense for inspection and approval.
If the unit is modified in any way (modifies voltage, removes fans, etc.), our product warranty will be voided and it will not be replaced. The following events will also void the warranty:
(i) The customer removes or replaces any component without prior permission;
(ii) Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning strike or voltage surge;
(iii) Burnt parts on hashboards or chips;
(iv) The miners/hash boards/components are damaged by water or corroded in a humid environment.
* Notice: ZEUS MINING cannot replace or repair this part if the manufacturer Bitmain issues a notice of obsolescence. The customer has no right to a refund or compensation in this matter.
When initiating after-sales through WhatsApp or Email or other electronic interfaces, customers need to describe the problems encountered in detail and send relevant pictures or videos or any other relevant content.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1. The liability of ZEUS MINING under this agreement is limited to the above guarantee. As the sole remedy for any applicable warranty claim, ZEUS MINING may, at its option:
(i) re-delivery of new products;
(ii) repair of defective products.
Such new deliveries or repairs are subject to the defect being raised by the customer within the time specified in these terms and conditions. If the customer fails to file such a complaint within the stipulated time, the customer waives all claims related to the product. In the event of any unapproved returns, customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with such returns.
7.2. The liability of ZEUS MINING under this agreement is limited to the value of the single product which gave rise to the liability, regardless of the type, cause and extent of the defect. ZEUS MINING shall under no circumstances be liable for damages caused by the product.
7.3. ZEUS MINING shall not be liable for any indirect or special damages or losses of any kind, such as but not limited to loss of production, loss of profits and loss of business. ZEUS MINING shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by the customer's obligation to compensate a third party.

8. Delivery Terms

8.1. The products are delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer, unless otherwise agreed. The customer has no right to refuse to accept the product, to withdraw, or to cancel/cancel the order, or to claim compensation for any delay in delivery.
8.2. After completing the payment and confirming the order, we will deliver the goods in time within 1-2 days for general products in storage; for general products that are sold out and need to be replenished, we will deliver them within 3-4 days at the latest. For products that need to be tested (such as miners, hash boards, etc.), the testing time is 2 days, and the delivery will be arranged immediately after the test is completed; if the order is large, the testing time will be extended, but the warehouse will be arranged as soon as possible.
8.3. In the event of any circumstances constituting force majeure as set forth in Section 11 below, or due to any act or omission of the customer, the delivery period shall be appropriately extended according to the circumstances.

9. Termination

ZEUS MINING reserves the right to terminate and revoke approved orders or the entire agreement. If the customer breaches the Agreement and fails to remedy such breach within 30 calendar days of ZEUS MINING giving written notice of the breach to the customer. Such notification shall not affect ZEUS MINING's right to claim damages or any other financial compensation for breach of contract by the customer. Furthermore, ZEUS MINING reserves the right to immediately terminate and withdraw the approved order or the entire agreement if the customer:
(i) cease any commercial activity;
(ii) suspension of payments;
(iii) enter into liquidation or initiate reorganization;
(iv) Commencement of settlement negotiations with creditors;
(v) may reasonably be considered insolvent for any other reason.

10. Intellectual Property

ZEUS MINING disclaims any and all warranties, written or oral, express or implied, against intellectual property infringement in connection with the use of the products. All logos, trademarks or product names on the products and any design of the products constitute intellectual property rights protected by ZEUS MINING. The use, reproduction or display (in whole or in part) of these logos, trademarks, product names or the products themselves, in whatever form, is prohibited, unless such use has been previously approved in writing by ZEUS MINING. The customer undertakes not to remove or alter the ZEUS MINING label on the product.

11. Force majeure

In case of force majeure (such as strikes, floods, fires, wars, riots, transportation interruptions, etc.), material or energy shortages, production accidents or other events of sub-suppliers, bankruptcy or forced liquidation of sub-suppliers, affecting the manufacture and use of products any type of accident such as government decisions, ZEUS MINING releases itself from its obligations under this agreement and reserves the right to cancel the order confirmed by the customer without any liability. In general, such events that could not have been foreseen at the time the order was placed prevent or hinder the manufacture, shipment or delivery of the product to the customer.

12. Customer Personal Data

Personal data provided to ZEUS MINING within the framework of the product order will be recorded and processed by ZEUS MINING and may also be transferred to third-party providers inside and outside the EU (such as hosting providers or payment processing providers) for the execution of the product order. Customer hereby consents to such processing of personal data. ZEUS MINING processes personal data in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act to prepare and manage orders and to fulfill ZEUS MINING's obligations under the agreement. ZEUS MINING may also use your personal data for the purpose of developing and administering its services. ZEUS MINING is the controller of the personal data processed. ZEUS MINING shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data of customers. Personal data will not be transferred to other parties unrelated to the purchase. Customers may contact ZEUS MINING at any time to obtain further information on the processing of your personal data and to correct any inaccurate personal information.

13. Modification of Agreement

13.1. Any written or oral commitments made prior to this Agreement are superseded by those contained in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Customer shall not assign or pledge its rights and/or obligations under this Agreement in whole or in part without the prior written consent of ZEUS MINING.
13.2. ZEUS MINING may modify this Agreement in whole or in part. The revised agreement will apply to all orders submitted after posting.

14. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

This agreement shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands without regard to any conflict of laws. Any disputes shall be settled by the arbitration court of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry and shall be the first instance.

15. Confidentiality

The customer undertakes not to disclose to any third party information received by the customer from ZEUS MINING which is a trade secret of ZEUS MINING or which may be considered confidential information of any other nature. This commitment applies during and after the term of the agreement.

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