If you are considering purchasing a power supply for a mining machine, then you have come to the right place! We sell all mining machine power supplies to the world at the lowest price and high-quality services, such as Antminer APW9, Antminer APW9+, Antminer APW12, Antminer APW8, Antminer APW7, and Antminer APW 3++.

So what power supply is used with your miner? Please refer to the following data to select a suitable power supply:

APW9 PSU is suitable for Antminer S17, Antminer S17Pro, and Antminer T17

APW9+ PSU power supply is suitable for Antminer S17+, Antminer S17E, Antminer T17+, and Antminer T17E

APW12 power supply is suitable for Antminer S19, Antminer S19Pro, and Antminer T19

APW 8 power supply for Antminer S11

APW 8 EMC PSU is suitable for Antminer T15 and Antminer S15

APW 7 power supply is suitable for Antminer S9 S9I Z9 L3 + D3 T9 + E3 Innosilicon A9 D9 BTC, LTC, and DASH.

APW3++ power supply is suitable for Antminer S7, Antminer S9, Antminer S9I, Antminer S9J, Antminer S9K, Antminer SE, Antminer T9

Please choose a suitable power supply according to the model of the miner!

We have cooperated with power supply manufacturers for many years, have sufficient supply and rich experience, and also have a professional after-sales team with knowledge and expertise, and all power supplies will be strictly tested before shipment, so you don't have to worry about product quality problems.

In addition to selling Antminer power supply, we also provide other power supplies, such as SURMA power supply PSU and Lianli Small Steel Cannon PSU. If you have any needs, please do not hesitate to consult our account manager for details.

A large amount of high-quality APW12 power supply suitable for Antminer S19, S19 Pro, T19 and S19j Pro is currently on sale. . .

If you have any questions, please leave a message.
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Edoardo 2022/5/11 15:09:11

how much is the cost for one working DR5 hashboard including shipping to Italy?

A:Dear Customer,
We contacted you via e-mail. Please feel free to contact us if needed.
[email protected]
orhan öğüt 2022/5/11 4:19:54
Q:selam ben türkiyede asıc miner tamiratı yapıyorum benimde ismimi yayınlarmısınız
teşekür ederim
A:Sayın Müşteri,
Sizinle e-posta yoluyla iletişime geçtik. Gerekirse lütfen bizimle iletişime geçmekten çekinmeyin.
[email protected]
вы 2022/5/11 2:32:25

A:Уважаемый клиент,
Мы связались с вами по электронной почте. Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь обращаться к нам в случае необходимости.
[email protected]
Sebastian 2022/5/6 22:43:00
Q:Hi, are they compatible with the antiminer S19 line?
A:Dear Customer,
We have contacted you by email. Please feel free to contact us if necessary.
[email protected]
Cesar 2022/5/4 1:30:30
Q:I got an Avalon 841 hashboard with a missing ceramic capacitor, downside says "C2", do you know that capacitor value? Thank you
A:Dear Sir/Madam, please refer to our FAQ place order, or contact our Pre-sale service via WhatsApp or email. Thank you.
mostafaabbaspor 2022/5/3 18:19:35
Q:Hello Please send me the number of chips with the price
A:Dear customer, what type of chip do you need? I offer you a quote. We have contacted you by email, please feel free to contact us if you need it.
Matt 2022/5/2 22:51:36
Q:I am looking for a 14 pin ribbon cable for a Avalon 1246, is that an item you have?
A:Dear customer, we have contacted you by email. Or you can directly contact our FAQ place order, or contact our Pre-sale service via WhatsApp. Thank you.
Kylie Hamilton 2022/4/29 1:47:54
Q:What type of power supply is needed to use through the PC mode switch. I used the original power supply first and realized later that it said it's an essentially invalid way to test a hashboard.
A:Dear Sir/Madam, please follow our FAQ and contact us after-sale service for support. thank you.
Ryan 2022/4/28 7:03:29
Q:Do you repair antminer s15 hashboards?
A:Dear customer, it is a pity that we cannot provide hash board repair services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any product needs.
jim 2022/4/24 15:16:51
Q:product deliver to malaysia will take how long?
A:Dear customer, it will take about a week.
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