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ASIC miner PSU, cooling fan, ASIC chip and control board, etc. accessories that require regular maintenance and replacement. For example, Antminer APW12 series power supply, Antminer 19 series control board, Whatsminer chip, Avalon PSU3400-03 PSU, etc.
In order to repay the support and trust of our customers, Zeus Mining is now offering limited-time discounts on Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalonminer, and Innosilicon parts. The same high quality, more favorable prices, and saving maintenance costs.

Antminer and other ASIC Miner Repair video tutorials
ASIC Miner Repair Service Center
We offer the worldwide bitmain Antminer repair and other ASIC Miner Repair service center, mostly are our customers who purchased ASIC Miner Repair tools and parts from us. they can give you professional service of ASIC Miner Repairing. and we welcome more friend join us to complete this ASIC Miner Repair worldwide map together.
Attention: The miner repair points shown on the map below are independent individuals. This site only offers a free display. Please contact the maintenance point for specific matters. If there is any dispute, please resolve it by negotiation. Any consequences will not be related to this site.
If you can provide Antminer Innosilicon Ebang WhatsMiner repair service at your location and want to join the global repair center, please create a new account on the Login page, then find the Join Repair Center, fill in your ASIC Miner Repair center details. We will check the repair center information you submitted. After the check is passed, your repair point will be displayed here so that more friends who need repair services can contact you.
Now supporting Antminer Innosilicon Ebang WhatsMiner hashboard repair service offer Antminer Innosilicon Ebang WhatsMiner parts and repair tools kits.

Our Customers and Partners

We treat our customers and partners as sincere friends and do our best to offer technical support and aftersales service.
Technology and Support
We offer customers with comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, including the use of tools, answers to common questions, and some experience and skills related to miner maintenance. And continue to update related video tutorials and maintenance guides, and regularly upload the latest miner maintenance procedures and related materials.
Serve the entire industry
For non-customer groups, we also offer related support, such as sales of programs and documents. If you purchase maintenance tools in other places, you can also purchase the relevant programs and documents of the company through payment (please note: only for sales items, online technical support is not offered)

Bitcoin device repair video tutorial & software download

If you want to learn how to repair cryptocurrency ASIC miners, we have prepared tutorials by maintenance engineers. A detailed description of each step of it, for more effectively and fastly to fix them.

Cryptocurrency ASIC Miner Repair video tutorial

Antminer S9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial.
NEW Antminer S9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial(Including how to use Antminer test fixture).
Antminer S9 control board down frequency repair firmware video tutorial.
How to use Antminer S9 and T9 chips test fixture (Antminer chip test stand).
How to repair L3+ hash board.
How to use Antminer L3+ chips test fixture (chip test stand).

Bitmain Antminer and other ASIC Miner Repair software download

Antminer S9 control board down frequency repair firmware.
Xshell5 and USB driver[Choose PL2303](For test fixture S9 and L3+).
Bitmain Antminer S9 temperature sensing files.
Antminer S9 Test Fixture TF Card File
Antminer T9+ Test Fixture TF Card File

Bitcoin rig hash board repair guide manual

Antminer S9 Repair guide manual[EN]
Antminer L3+ Repair guide manual[CHS]
Antminer S9k hash board repair guide manual
Antminer S15 T15 hash board repair guide manual
Antminer S17 hash board repair guide
Antminer T9+ hash board repair guide manual
Ebang Ebit E10 hash board repair guide manual
Innosilicon miner hash board repair guide manual
WhatsMiner M3 hashboard repair guide manual
WhatsMiner M10 hash board repair guide manual
WhatsMiner M20S hashboard repair guide manual
Antminer S11 hash board repair guide manual
Antminer T17 hash board repair guide manual
Antminer T17e hash board repair guide manual
Antminer T17+ hash board repair guide manual
Antminer s17e hash board repair guide manual
Antminer s17+ hash board repair guide manual

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اسامه 2023/11/11 18:09:25
Q:اريد تعلم صيانة انيسليكون t3+

A:مرحبا يسعدني اهتمامك بالإصلاح لدينا العديد من أنواع دورات الإصلاح يمكنك التواصل مع موظفي المبيعات لدينا:
واتساب: +86 186 2325 1355
البريد الإلكتروني:[email protected]
Jurij Goncharuk 2023/11/9 16:17:02
Q:Hello! How to download the driver?
A:Hello, please contact our sales to get the program:
WhatsApp: +86 186 2325 1355
email:[email protected]
s pern 2023/11/9 8:11:04
Q:hi how much is shipping for 1 Antminer Xilinx 7007 Zynq S19i S19XP D7 L7 control board C87
to miami fl usa
thank you
A:Hello, the DHL shipping cost for a control panel to Miami is $36.
You can contact our sales staff
WhatsApp: +86 186 2325 1355
email:[email protected]
Irfan 2023/11/4 22:11:38
Q:Hello there I don't know what happened to my s19 90th it change its name to something like BHB42XXX and it doesn't show me the fan info hashboard info etc
A:Hello, if you have technical questions, you can consult our technical guidance:
WhatsApp: +86 19123969124
Benoit Kuziora 2023/10/30 1:34:29
Q:What is the proper method to apply the thermosetting adhesive? With a que tip or some other applicator?
A:Hello, you can refer to this video. Here are the usage methods. If you still have problems watching the video, you can contact our staff:
WhatsApp: +86 186 2325 1355
email:[email protected]
Andrew 2023/10/27 0:12:27
Q:I'm going to order your resistor sample kit which includes 128 different types of resistors. I would like to order the same thing for capacitors but I do not see it on your website. Do you have sample kits for capacitors like you do for resistors?
A:Hello, what size do you need, you can contact our sales staff:
WhatsApp: +86 186 2325 1355
email:[email protected]
Neil Hasicic 2023/2/20 4:49:32

I would like to know if the full speed fan simulator works with the Antminer S19j Pro.

Also do you ship to canada
A:Dear friend, in theory, as long as the interface is consistent and the fan can be identified, the full-speed fan emulator can be used. Can ship to Canada. If you need, please contact our pre-sales customer service.
James Klafehn 2023/2/2 21:59:44
Q:I need 5 control boards for s19j pro 104th miners. I see you have a few that say they work with S19 miners. Even a universal one. Which one should I buy? What is the difference? I thought they were all interchangeable.
A:Hello friend, you can order this: https://www.zeusbtc.com/ASIC-Miner-Repair/Parts-Tools-Details.asp?ID=1127
If you need help, please feel free to contact our pre-sales customer service
amir 2023/1/17 2:49:08
Q:سلام وقت بخیر
آیا دوره آموزش هشبرد واتسماینر برگزار میکنید؟
شامل: m20 M21 M30 M31
در صورت برگزاری تاریخ را اعلام کنید
متشکرم zeus
A:سلام دوستان ما هم اکنون دوره ای داریم که شامل واتس ماینر می باشد برای اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید از طریق واتس اپ با شماره 19115061759 +86 تماس بگیرید.
sara 2023/1/16 17:23:18
Q:what are the ICs used on this board?
A:Hello friend, we can't see the board, if you need help please contact our pre-sales tech
About products purchase, please contact our sales manager:
[email protected]

About miner repair and after-sale issues, please contact the repair manager email:
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