Mining Village

Note that the repair site information provided by Zeus Mining free of charge is based on the photos of the repair site, more detailed information needs to be verified by yourself, Zeus Mining does not assume other responsibilities.
Mining Village
Mining Village
250 Летия Челябинску Челябинск РФ Russia
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Наш бизнес включает в себя продажу, обслуживание, ремонт, установку оборудования для майнинга, модификацию систем охлаждения, построение фермы для майнинга криптовалют, хостинг майнинг ферм и т. д.

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Recently, many companies claiming to be mining companies imitate us and say that they are related to us, or that they are our branch companies, which has caused customers to be deceived. Please be careful not to believe any impostors, please check our correct contact information and beware of being deceived getting scammed, and losing money.
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