Whatsminer M10 Manual Download

Whatsminer M10 Manual Download


Whatsminer hash board repair guide manual overview and download M10

(Chinese version)

The M10 hash board contains 35 chips in series, with 3 chips in each group. Chip model: 1800, 105 chips on the whole board

Each set of voltage is provided by independent LDO 1.8V and 0.9V voltage

The M10 hash board has a 24M clock crystal, a temperature sensor and an eeprom to form the signal group of the entire hash board.

Signal direction: CLK-RXD-RST is transferred from U1 chip to U105, TXD is reversed from U105 to U1

1 (3)_副本

The test point is: RST-CTS-RXD-TXD-CLK.

As follows

A = test point location

B = test point name

1 (2)_副本_副本

Normal parameters measured:

CLK = 1.8V

RXT = 1.8V

TXD = 1.8V

RST = pull up 1.8V, pull down 0V

For more instructions, please download the "M10 Hash Board Repair Guide":

Click to download: WhatsMiner M10 Hash Board Repair Guide

Related maintenance tools:

ANLIXIN-862D High Quality Desoldering Station Combination Tool

Medium temperature solder paste

Maintenance tool: anti-static wrist strap, extendable length: 3m

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