• Innosilicon T2T model hash board repair guide

    Innosilicon T2T model hash board maintenance manual (V1.3)In the process of manufacturing and using the miner, if the user encounters chain loss, low hashrate, multiple hardware errors, etc., please refer to th...


  • Avalon 921 hash board repair guide

    Avalon 921 hash board repair manualPreparation for repair:NameNumberAvalon Hash Board Tester1Multimeter1Oscilloscope1Preheat Station1Soldering Iron1Solder WiresomeTweezers1Flux Solder PastesomeCircuit Board Cleaning...


  • Antminer S19 XP Manual

    I. OverviewThe S19 XP miner is BITMAIN’s newest version in the 19 server series. Power supply APW12 is part of the S19 XP miner. All S19 XP miners are tested and configured before shipping to ensure easy setup.Caution:a....


  • Ebit E9+ control board modification Zynq development board tutorial

    How to convert the Ebit E9+ control board into the Zynq development board? The article explains this in detail.Chapter 1: Change the SD card to start and change the power supply1. The positive and negative electrode...


  • Whatsminer M31S M30S M32 series hash board repair guide

    How to repair Whatsminer M30 series hash board?M3x series miners include M31S, M31S+, M30S, M30S++, M32, etc.Tips need your attention: 1. Whatsminer m3x hash board normal working voltage is from 0.31~0.32V * No. of ...


  • Innosilicon X1 A10 miner disassembly instructions

    How to properly disassemble and install the Innosilicon X1 A10 miner? Specific steps are as follows:Disassembly instructions:Disassembly tool: Phillips screwdriver or portable electric screwdriver.Disassembly steps:...


  • Innosilicon A4+ Hash Board Repair Guide

    How to repair Innosilicon A4+ hash board?During the production and use of the miner, if the user encounters a chain failure, low hash rate, and many hardware errors, please refer to this manual for test repairs.Note: Thi...


  • How to properly disassemble and reinstall the Innosilicon A10 hash board?

    How do you properly dismantle the Innosilicon A10 miner and disassemble the faulty power board or hash module? The specific steps are as follows:Disassembly tool: Phillips screwdriver. Of course, a portable electric scre...


  • Innosilicon A10 Hash Board Repair Guide

    How to repair Innosilicon A10 hash board?Summary: This repair guide is mainly used to introduce the repair process of the Innosilicon A10 hash board. Organized, adapted and shared by ZEUS MINING.Please note: The power bo...


  • Innosilicon A11 Series Miner Repair Guide

    How to repair Innosilicon A11 series hash board?ZEUS MINING has organized and updated the latest manual of the Innosilicon A11 series miner maintenance guide, which can help the maintenance personnel to quickly troublesh...


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