• Avalon A8 Series Hash Board Repair Manual

    This tutorial applies to Avalon A821, A841, A851, and other series of miners. The article takes Avalon 821 as an example to explain the precautions and methods of A821 hash board maintenance.First, we need to understand ...


  • Avalon A10 Series Hash Board Repair Guide

    This hash board repair guide is suitable for Avalon Miner A1066, A1066pro, A1026, A1046, A1047, etc.A10 series hash board introduction:1. Positive and negative poles of the power supply;2. Communication interfa...


  • What are the principles of the Antminer test fixture in detail?

    The Antminer test fixture is mainly used to test the faulty chip of the hash board. It scans the open and short circuit, resistance, capacitor, inductor, diode, triode, transistor, IC and other components of the entire h...


  • How to replace a dropped common heatsink with an upgraded heatsink for Antminer S17 T17 series?

    After long-term operation or transportation, the S17 and T17 series Antminers will risk the heat sink falling off. However, the falling heat sink will directly cause the ASIC to be damaged due to poor heat dissipation, r...


  • Antminer hash board PIC file burning tutorial

    Hash board PIC file with critical data and setup parameters for hash board operation. If the file is abnormal or damaged, the hash board cannot operate normally, and it is recommended to replace a new hash board.The...


  • Antminer Hash Board Test Fixture Table

    Here is a detailed introduction to the names of the fixtures corresponding to different miner models and the instructions for using the test fixtures. We hope it will be helpful to you.Fixture nameApplicable miner modelI...


  • Antminer Test Fixture for S17+, T17+, S17e, T17e, S19 series

    How to use Antminer series test fixture?This test fixture is suitable for S17+, T17+, S17e, T17e, S19 series.Here, we provide you with the software usage process and download steps of the test fixture. We hope the follow...


  • Antminer 1.0 test fixture for Antminer S9, S9i, S9j, R4, DR3, T9, Z9

    This test fixture is suitable for S9, S9i, S9j, R4, DR3, T9, Z9 series. You can check your miner and replace the matching TF card program through the following steps. We hope the following operations will help you. ...


  • Antminer Test Fixture for V9 V1.2

    Welcome to the V9 V1.2 test fixture manual, this manual is suitable for the S9 series, S11, S15, T15, DR5, D5, S17, S17PRO, T17 miners. ZEUS MINING hopes it will help you.1. PreparationPlatform: Computer (Windows sy...


  • How to use test fixture conversion files and test files?

    How to use test fixture conversion files and test files?The initial conversion file and test file of the multi-function test fixture are applicable to Antminer S17. If you are testing Antminer S17, you can use it directl...


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