Aladdin Innosilicon Series Test Fixtures


Aladdin Innosilicon Series Test Fixtures
Function: Supports Innosilicon T1, T2TS, T2TH, T2TZ, Aladdin L1, L2HF, L2HU, L2SU, L2HL and other models.
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Product description:

Universal Innosilicon & Aladdin Test Fixture / Multifunctional test fixture

Aladdin Innosilicon series test fixtures can test hash boards and digital power supplies without the computer independently. The test fixture supports Innosilicon T1, T2TS, T2TH, T2TZ, T3, A4+, A6,A6+, A9, Aladdin L1, L2HF, L2HU, L2SU, L2HL, and other models. The power supply test supports all series of digital power supplies of Innosilicon.

The test fixture can accurately determine whether the miner's hash board and power supply are faulty without removing the shelf or dismantling the miner. The maintenance mode can accurately locate the cause of the hash board failure, significantly improving the miner's heat maintenance and operation and maintenance efficiency.

innosilicon test fixture

Interface description of Aladdin Innosilicon series test fixtures

test fixture interface 

1. Hash board interface;

2. 4Pin power supply and power communication interface;

3. 6Pin fan power supply interface;

4. Mainboard spare power jumper (when testing T1/L1, the test fixture needs to supply power from the fan power supply interface first and then short the jumper; otherwise, it can be kept disconnected);

5. 1*4Pin fan drive interface;

6. 2*4pin or 6Pin fan drive ports;

7. Test fixture reset button;

8. USB communication interface (connect PC serial port at 115200 baud rate, can output detailed test information);

9. Brief test information display screen;

10. Up function button;

11. Down function button;

12. Debug mode function button;

Test model of the Innosilicon & Aladdin Test Fixture

1. Power supply test

(1) Power supply quick test

When testing the digital power supply, insert the 4Pin power cable of the digital power supply into interface 2 of the test fixture, and then turn on the digital power switch to be tested. After waiting for about 8 seconds, you can observe the power supply test information through the test fixture display screen to judge whether the power supply to be tested is normal.

power supply quick test result

Display area content description:

A. "Test Start!!" prompts the test to start;

B. The power communication test has two results, "DP NG!" and "DP OK!"; "NG" means communication is failure, "OK" means communication is normal.

C. "Chain Break!! E0:1-" shows the hash board test results. When measuring power supply, it can be ignored;

D. "DP OUT= 0-" "DP OUT= 1565-" indicates the output power voltage value. Represent output voltage 0V and output voltage 15.65V respectively;

E. "Press RESET Again!" indicates that the test has ended. Please press the reset button 7 of the test fixture to repeat the test.

(2) Power supply depth test

Under normal circumstances, the test fixture will not enter the power supply full process test mode. Only when the UP (11 key) and DOWN (10 key) buttons are pressed and turned on before the power is turned on, the test fixture will enter the power depth test mode. After entering this mode, the MODE key can control the power supply's output voltage, and the 0~31 gear voltage can be manually adjusted through the UP and DOWN buttons.

power supply depth test result 

Display area content description:

A: "Vendor: GP-" indicates the power supply code; (GP means Gaosbao; AR means Anrui; QB means Qianben)

B: "Ver:14.66-" indicates that the firmware version information of the power supply is 14.66;

C: "DP Vset= 1535-7" means the output voltage of the power supply setting to 15.35V in 7th gear;

D: "DP Vout= 1547-" indicates that the power supply outputs 15.47V voltage;

E: "DP Iout=195--" indicates that the actual output current of the current power supply is 1.95A;

F: "Status: PSU ON--" means power output state, ON means open, OFF means close;

G: "Com Error: 0-" indicates the number of errors in power data communication. If it is not 0, there is a communication failure in the power supply, and the control board does not control the power supply.

2. Hash board test

(1) Quick connection test

In this test state, the heat dissipation of the hash board is not so significant, and there is no need to connect the fan power cable and cooling fan.

When the USB serial port is not connected, you can view the test results on display. After the USB serial port is connected, find the correct COM port and open the serial port with a baud rate of 115200 to view the test details.

hashboard quick connection test result 

Display area content description:

A."Chain OK!" means that the hash board is connected successfully.

B. "Chips: 140-" indicates there are 140 chips on the hash board.

C. "Vol Read OK! 454-" means the hash board chip voltage read successfully. And the average voltage of each chip is 454mV.

"TEMP Read OK! 16-" indicates that the hash board chip temperature is read successfully. And the average temperature of each chip is 16 ℃.

D. "Test PASS!" means the hash board test passed.

(2) Full process test

In addition to the mining test, the hash board will generate a lot of heat in this test mode, and the fan power cable and cooling fan must be connected to achieve a good cooling effect.

Under normal circumstances, it will not enter the whole process test mode; only the test fixture is connected to the computer through USB; press and hold the debug mode function key 12 before powering on, and release the following content after the serial port prints the prompt information.

"----Enter Debug Mode!----"

"Please enter the PowerOn VID value (0~31, default 0):"

LED display shows "DEBUG MODE:"

Indicates that the whole process test mode is entered at this time. (Before entering this mode, please ensure that the power interface of the test fixture is connected to the hash board to be tested, and the fan power supply and fan drive port are connected, and then power on for testing)

What are the specific setting steps of the Innosilicon and Aladdin test fixture?

Step 1: Enter PowerOn VID value 

According to the prompt, use the keyboard to set the output voltage of the power supply during the test (between 0 and 31, the default is 0), which is the startup voltage of the hash board. The smaller the input value, the higher the output voltage (12V~16V). If it exceeds the range, you need to re-enter.

Step 2: Please input working PLL frequency MHz of Board 0 (120~1400, default 0)

Use the keyboard to set the running frequency of the hash board during the test (120~1400, default 0) according to the prompts. After entering the value, press Enter to confirm; the power consumption will be larger if the input value is larger.

Step3: Press Enter to set pll

The voltage and temperature information read from the hash board will be displayed before increasing the operating frequency. Press Enter to confirm the frequency increase. If the hash board chain fails, it will enter the maintenance mode and send maintenance instructions to the hash board without interruption. The power supply will not be interrupted, and an oscilloscope will be used to locate the faulty chip.

Step 4: Press Enter to change the vid

After increasing the operating frequency of the hash board to the specified value, if the above prompt appears, the output voltage of the power supply can be automatically changed 5 times, and the voltage change of the hash board chip can be observed for each change.

Step 5: After the test is over, observe the expected output of the test results.

test results for Innosilicon test fixture 

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Pierre Mervil 2024/6/19 12:25:55
Q:I need an immersion kit I have 20 x L7s
Does your kit come mwithn the cooling fans, what would be the costr for everything including fan flash drives...
A:Hello, please contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest product quotation or other assistance. Thank you for your attention.
Angelo Sisto 2024/6/19 9:38:22
Q:Hi, my Octominer fan just died and I only need 1, is there a way I could get one without buying 10 Willing to pay extra since it#39s only 1
A:Hello, the cooling fan is a vulnerable part in the mining process. After the miner has been running for a long time, the fan will age or wear out, affecting the heat dissipation efficiency. It is recommended to keep it in stock. You can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) for more help.
NGUYEN THU TRANG 2024/6/18 15:08:02
Q:Could you let us know which pin of H3 chip are connected to 2 these pins SCL SDA
A:Hello, please contact our senior technician via WhatsApp +8619123969124, and he will provide you with technical support.
dennis mc. 2024/6/14 0:21:43
Q:Hello, I am trying to use your quotAntminer S19 S19kpro S21 T21 temperature sensing boardquot without any luck. Does this work if the resistors and capacitors of any given temperature sensor have corroded off the board as well For example, if U7 on a S19J Pro board has corroded pads and the resistors and capacitors next to it have also corroded off, can I use this module or do the resistors and capacitors need to work
A:Hello, please contact our senior technician via WhatsApp +8619123969124, and he will provide you with technical support.
Steven 2024/6/12 6:27:52
Q:Lian Li 12KW water cooling kit for Hydro
Question about this Hydro Cooler, is it possible to change the Airstream-Direction of this Cooler, we have a Rack setup and it makes no sense to blow the quothot Airquot in the direction of all the connectors and temp-displays into the center of the room. is there a quotinternal switch quot or must we swap all fans.
thanks for your support
A:Hello, please contact our senior technician via WhatsApp +8619123969124, he will provide you with technical support.
Will 2024/6/12 5:04:53
I am running some Whatsminer m30s miner units. I would like to know if you have any overclocking firmware I am not looking to upgrade the psu, just need an overclocking firmware. If this is something you can offer, please let me know the specification and price.

Many thanks,
A:Hello, William! You can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get detailed information of relevant products. Thank you for your attention.
aung thein htike 2024/6/9 15:09:23
Q:i need a ks0 hashboard and 2x ks2 hashboard. how much it cost me and how can u send me to Myanmar.
A:Hello, we support shipping to Myanmar. You can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest quotes and shipping information for Iceriver series products. Thank you for your attention.
Mr. Darren La Hee 2024/6/4 2:32:32
Q:Please help My Whatsminer M30s is not powering on. It was working before. The fans were rather loud at that time and when I check it the unit just powered down.
A:Hello, please contact our senior technician WhatsApp +8619123969124, he will provide you with technical support.
artur golla 2024/5/22 7:51:50
Q:hello are any Antminer APW12 overclock PSU usable with an Bitmain K7 what are the prices and availability
A:Hello, we have a variety of APW12 overclocking PSUs for sale, you can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest product information and quotations. Thank you for your attention.
θωμας Σαριγκιολης 2024/5/21 20:26:57
Q:please where can i find it in greecethessaloniki
tvr 14471
A:Hello, please get the quotation and shipping of varistor TVR 14471 via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) or email ([email protected]).









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