WhatsMiner M20 M30 series test fixture


WhatsMiner M20 M30 series test fixture
Function: Suit for Whatsminer M20, M20S, M20S+, M21, M21S, M30, M30S, M31 hash board chip test.
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WhatsMiner test fixture for M20 M20S M21 M21S M30 M30S M31 series hash board

Whatsminer hash board test fixture supports Whatsminer M20 series and M30 series (old version) models. The tester fixture can accurately determine whether the hash board and power supply of the miner are faulty, which significantly improves the maintenance and operation efficiency of the miner.

WhatsMiner test  jig

Our company sells replacement parts for Whatsminer test fixture to the world at reasonable prices and higher quality. And we solemnly promise to ensure quality and fast delivery. If you have any questions during the purchase and use process, please do not hesitate to consult our sales manager directly, we have a professional and first-class after-sales team.

List of the Order:

Test fixture test board * 1

Data connection cable * 1

whatsminer test fixture for M20, M21.jpg

whatsminer 30 series test fixture.jpg

How to use Whatsminer Test Fixtures? (Take M20 series as an example)

Ⅰ. Burning the test file:

1. Prepare a 4G or 8G SD card, and then go to the Whatsminer official website to download the corresponding SD card swipe program.

whatsminer test file download

2. After the download is complete, unzip PhoenixCardV4.1.2.zip.

3. Run the PhoenixCard app

4. Insert the SD card into the computer with a card reader, the PhoenixCard application will automatically recognize the SD card, then click "Firmware", select the image in the compressed package, select the mass production card for the type of card, and finally click "Burn card".

burning whatsminer test file

5. When the progress bar turns green, it means that the SD card burning is completed.

test fixture completes file burning

6. Take out the SD card and insert the test fixture control board, and use the 12V DC power supply to power on the tester control board. After power up, the control board automatically reassembles the system. During the process of burning the card, the red light flashes, and after a few minutes the green light turns on, and the burning of the card is completed.

Ⅱ. Adjust the voltage and current, and connect the test cables

1. Adjust the current of the adjustable power supply to 10A and the voltage to 13V. (To test different types of miners, you need to select the corresponding output voltage of the hash board)

2. Connect the 12V power cable to the test fixture and insert the network cable. Then connect the positive and negative poles of the adjustable power supply to the hash board, and finally connect the hash board and the test fixture with a data cable.

3. Power up the test fixture first, then power up the hash board. It should be noted that when the power is turned on, different hash boards need to be replaced for testing. The power-on and power-off sequences are as follows:

(1) Power on: connect the power cord first, and then connect the data cable

(2) Power off: first unplug the data cable, then unplug the power cord

Ⅲ. Whatsminer Test fixture setup

1. IP settings

After we get the Whatsminer test fixture, we need to use a network cable to connect it to the computer. The test fixture does not need to be connected to the Internet, but is directly connected to the computer to prevent IP conflicts.

Then open the computer's "Network Settings", select "Local Area Connection", and select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (ICP/IPv4)".

IP setting

Because WhatsMiner's test jig has a fixed IP address, we need to manually enter the IP address: As shown below:

Fixed IP of whatsminer test fixture 

After the setting is complete, click "OK".

2. Testing software settings

After completing the IP settings, we need to install and run the WhatsMiner fixture management software "MobaXterm".

First select the "Session" button to enter:

whatsminer test software settings

Then select "SSH":

setting SSH

Enter IP: in the "Remote host" text box. Check the "Specify username", enter "root" in the "Specify username" text box; then click "OK".

whatsminer tester set specify username

Ⅳ. Enter the test interface

Add the IP address, click "OK", the software will automatically enter the test interface:

1. Enter root after "password:" (IP is subject to input, this is for reference only) Enter root (it is not displayed)

test interface of whatsminer test jig

2. Enter root to confirm, then click Yes.

tester for Whatsminer 30 series 

3. Enter the test interface

Test instructions and precautions:

In the Whatsminer test fixture, it is necessary to input the corresponding command to complete the test.

RST signal is set to low level 0V: echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio99/value, can repair the failure of reset failure

RST signal is set to high level 1.8V: echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio99/value, can repair the failure of reset failure

Restart the control panel: reboot

General test: test-readchipid (number of chips test)

Performance test: test-hashboard (chip and computing power test)

Note: When testing with the regular test command test-readchipid, the single board can be tested individually. When the performance test command test-hashboard is tested, the hash board must be installed with upper and lower radiators, and a fan should be used to dissipate the heat of the hash board.

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Q:Hello! How to download the driver?
A:Hello, please contact our sales to get the program:
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s pern 2023/11/9 8:11:04
Q:hi how much is shipping for 1 Antminer Xilinx 7007 Zynq S19i S19XP D7 L7 control board C87
to miami fl usa
thank you
A:Hello, the DHL shipping cost for a control panel to Miami is $36.
You can contact our sales staff
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Irfan 2023/11/4 22:11:38
Q:Hello there I don't know what happened to my s19 90th it change its name to something like BHB42XXX and it doesn't show me the fan info hashboard info etc
A:Hello, if you have technical questions, you can consult our technical guidance:
WhatsApp: +86 19123969124
Benoit Kuziora 2023/10/30 1:34:29
Q:What is the proper method to apply the thermosetting adhesive? With a que tip or some other applicator?
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Andrew 2023/10/27 0:12:27
Q:I'm going to order your resistor sample kit which includes 128 different types of resistors. I would like to order the same thing for capacitors but I do not see it on your website. Do you have sample kits for capacitors like you do for resistors?
A:Hello, what size do you need, you can contact our sales staff:
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Neil Hasicic 2023/2/20 4:49:32

I would like to know if the full speed fan simulator works with the Antminer S19j Pro.

Also do you ship to canada
A:Dear friend, in theory, as long as the interface is consistent and the fan can be identified, the full-speed fan emulator can be used. Can ship to Canada. If you need, please contact our pre-sales customer service.
James Klafehn 2023/2/2 21:59:44
Q:I need 5 control boards for s19j pro 104th miners. I see you have a few that say they work with S19 miners. Even a universal one. Which one should I buy? What is the difference? I thought they were all interchangeable.
A:Hello friend, you can order this: https://www.zeusbtc.com/ASIC-Miner-Repair/Parts-Tools-Details.asp?ID=1127
If you need help, please feel free to contact our pre-sales customer service
amir 2023/1/17 2:49:08
Q:سلام وقت بخیر
آیا دوره آموزش هشبرد واتسماینر برگزار میکنید؟
شامل: m20 M21 M30 M31
در صورت برگزاری تاریخ را اعلام کنید
متشکرم zeus
A:سلام دوستان ما هم اکنون دوره ای داریم که شامل واتس ماینر می باشد برای اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید از طریق واتس اپ با شماره 19115061759 +86 تماس بگیرید.
sara 2023/1/16 17:23:18
Q:what are the ICs used on this board?
A:Hello friend, we can't see the board, if you need help please contact our pre-sales tech



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