Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer T17

Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer T17


Antminer test fixture manual for Antminer T17


The multifunctional test fixture developed by our company is suitable for various types of Antminer, for example: T9 +, S9, S9j, S9k, S9se, S11, S15, T15, S17, T17 ...


Interface Description:

①: USB to TTL interface (used to connect computer USB)

②: Hash board data cable (connected to Hash board)

③: Voltage regulation line (when testing the integrated mining machine, it needs to be connected to the power    port of the mining machine itself, for example: S11, S15, T15, S17, T17 ...)

④: 6P power input (when testing all-in-one mining machine, the test fixture must be powered by the mining        machine's own power supply)

⑤: TF program card (for each model of miner hash board, you need to use a different TF program card)

⑥: 12V ring power supply interface (when testing the split miner hash board, just connect the 12V power supply we provide)

connection method: Antminer T17 hash board



To test different models of miner hash boards, you need to replace the matching TF card program.

Heat will be generated when testing the hash board, please use a fan to dissipate heat!

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