Firmware download

  • Antminer T9 Series Firmware Download

    SHA256 Bitcoin miner firmware download for antminer T9 and antminer T9+.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer T9ANTMINER-T9-all-201704280716-autofreq-user-Update2UBI-NF.tar.gz60.73MB1. this i...


  • Antminer V9 Firmware Download

    Download the official bitcoin V9 firmware file for free to improve the performance of the mining machine.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer V9ANTMINER-V9-20180312-600M.tar.gz16.07MB/2018-0...


  • Antminer S11 Firmware Download

    SHA256 Bitcoin Antminer S11 firmware file to download.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer S11ANTMINER-S11-all-user-201908011639-sig.tar.gz40.31MB1. Enhance anti-virus capability2. S11 user ...


  • Antminer T15 Firmware Download

    SHA256 Bitcoin miners T15 firmware for free download to troubleshooting and upgrade the abnormal Antminer t15 mining machine.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer T15ANTMINER-T15-user-OM-2019...


  • Antminer S15 Firmware Download

    Download the official professional Bitcoin miner S15 firmware file for free to improve the performance of the mining machine and optimize its operation.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer S...


  • Antminer S9 Series Firmware Download

    Download Bitmain's official Antminer S9 series upgrade firmware from the ZEUS MINING website to improve the profitability of mining machines, including Antminer S9 firmware, Antminer S9i firmware, Antminer S9j firmwa...


  • Antminer T17 Series Firmware Download

    ZEUS MINING shares the Bitmain SHA256 Antminer 17 series firmware that improves performance and reduces power consumption.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer T17+ firmwareANTMINER-T17+...


  • Antminer S17 Series Firmware Download

    Antminer S17+ firmware, Antminer S17 firmware, Antminer S17 pro firmware and Antminer S17e firmware download for free.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer S17+ firmwareANTMINER-S17+-user-OM-...


  • Antminer T19 Series Firmware Download

    Freely share and download Bitmain T19 series hash board firmware.Miner modelFile nameFile sizeDescriptionPublish dateActionAntminer T19 Hydro firmwareAntminer-T19-Hydro-release-202212121629.bmu17.16MBUpdates:Support low-...


  • Antminer S19 Series Firmware Downloard

    Firmware for Bitmain Antminer SHA256 bitcoin S19 series, such as Antminer S19, Antminer S19j Pro, Antminer S19j, Antminer S19i, Antminer S19a Pro, Antminer S19 Pro+ Hydro, Antminer T19 Hydro, Antminer S19 Pro, ...


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