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We supply the Antminer S1, S2, S3, S3+, S4, S4+, S5, S5+, S7, S7-LN, S9, R4, L3+, D3, V9, X3, E3, Z9, Z9 mini, S9 hydro, DR3, T15, S15, S11, D5, DR5, B7, Z11, S17 Pro, S17, T17 ,S9 SE, T17e, S17e, S17+,T17+, K5, Z15, T19, S19 Pro and S19 . All supplies are shipped directly from China.

How to mine bitcoins | bitcoin mining for beginners

Many years ago we just like you as a new guy in the cryptocurrency world. Don't know how to start bitcoin mining and calculate the profit, does it really can help us to make money? We made this article of bitcoin mining guide. hope it can help you to think about how to make money with bitcoin mining.
To begin mining bitcoins you'll need to acquire bitcoin mining hardware. In the early days of bitcoin, it was possible to mining with any computer's CPU or GPU. But now custom Bitcoin Asic Miners offer performance up to 1000x or higher of the hash rate of CPU and GPU. Now Asic Miner has come to dominate the Bitcoin mining industry.

How to choose suitable bitcoin mining rig and forecast earnings

To use Asic Miner for bitcoin mining, the first thing we need to consider is the price of electricity, because Asic Miners consume a lot of electricity. If mining is performed in an environment where electricity prices are expensive, there may be risks and losses. However, if we mining with cheap electricity we will get considerable profit.
Many places can be mining with cheap electricity in the world. like Iran, Georgia, Venezuela, Mongolia, Russain. Sichuan China. etc.
If we are going to purchase an ASIC mining machine for bitcoin mining, we need to consider the price of the bitcoin mining device, the electricity price and the hash rate of the bitcoin miner machine. These three issues directly lead to whether we can get a profit in a short time.
For example, we have a cryptocurrency mining farm the electricity price is $0.025. we prepare to purchase used Antminer s9 price is $75 or Antminer s17 pro price is $1702. hash rate 13.5T and 53T. Now we can calculate the profit:

Antminer S9 13.5T will mining bitcoin 0.00026 per day, after deducting electricity costs profit is $1.09 per day.

Antminer S17 Pro 53T will mining bitcoin 0.00104 per day, after deducting electricity costs $6.21 profit is per day.

Calculate Antminer s9 and Antminer s17 pro profit by whattomine
Now as we saw if purchase Antminer S17 Pro 53T fund recovery needs 274 days and Antminer s9 only needs 69 days. Note: this value without considering the price fluctuation of the bitcoin. But after fund recovery, Antminer S17 Pro will make more profit.

How to set an online bitcoin wallet address, settings mining pool and gets bitcoins by mining

Bittrex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Binance, Poloniex, Gate.io, etc. are very popular exchanges. we can get a bitcoin wallet address here for mining pools pay to us.
We can choose many mining pools. Antpool, f2pool, Nicehash, etc. Let us take f2pool as an example. Firstly we need to sign up for an account. and set a payout address (your bitcoin wallet address). when you mining out bitcoins in this pool. pool system will send it to your bitcoin wallet.
We can find the detailed tutorial in all mining pools website. like these:
f2pool antpool
Now we have the mining pool and bitcoin wallet address. Let's setting up miners and start mining.
Please refer to the following links to set up various Bitcoin miners:

If you have any questions, please leave a message.

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Kavinder Singh 2024/7/19 19:46:01
Q:I want used asic minner for BTC
A:Hello, please get in touch with our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to inquire about the inventory and quotation of used BTC miners.
YOGESH SHARMA 2024/7/17 21:54:05
Q:hello im required antminer x3 220KHs model . please if you have used model also inform me . what is price tell me . send to by air cargo tirana albania.
this is my whatsapp - 3556945895
A:Hello, we have informed our sales manager of your contact information and needs, and he will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact him via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest price and inventory information of Antminer X3 miner. Thank you for your attention!
shah faiz 2024/7/6 17:24:45
Q:what is ElphaPex DG1 Litecoin miner price
and you can send in india
i am mining past 10month with s19 90th
A:Hello, we can ship to India. And you can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest quotation and shipping information of ElphaPex DG1 miner. Thank you for your attention!
Jaz 2024/7/6 6:58:49
I would like to buy an L9 from you. Do you ship to oregon state What are the fees
A:Hello, we can ship to Oregon state. The price of L9 miner changes every day. You can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest quote and delivery information. Thank you for your attention!
Max 2024/6/30 2:39:10
Q:Where I can download software for L5 script miner
A:Hello, please contact our senior technicians via WhatsApp +8619123969124 for technical support.
Jason A. 2024/6/29 2:02:29
Q:Hello, I#39m interested in purchasing a new Kaspa ASIC. What are your prices for the KS5L and KS5M. Also, for the 20TH bitmain Kaspa ASIC. Thank you.
A:Hello, the price of miners changes every day. You can contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) for the latest product quotation or other assistance.
Antminer KS5 20 TH
Steven Morgan 2024/6/28 15:54:39
Q:Looking for quotBulkquot orders of good used secondary Bitmain S19 Pro, 30 Series and 50 Series WM#39s. I#39m deploying several hundred units across multiple farms in South America, shipping to Miami warehouse. orders of 10 Units minimum but priced according to demand $300-$600 Shipping each currently is average sourced pricing available for Pro#39s-M50#39s.
Do you have quotBulkquot S19 Pros 96th-104th or M30S `102T-104T available for $300 ea orders of 10 units
A:Hello, we have S19 Pro and M30S for sale and we can ship to Miami. While the price of miner changes daily. Please contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) to get the latest quotation and inventory information of these products. Thank you for your attention.
Stephane Cavatassi 2024/6/22 7:11:16
Q:Dear I#39m openning soon a new crypto exchange I want to have new feature like selling asic miner, I ve heard it s possible to work with you as dropshipping company, can you contact me to know more info about it please

Thank you so much we are located in Switzerland
A:Hello, we have informed our sales manager of your contact information. You can also contact him via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) and email ([email protected]) for more cooperation information. Thank you for your attention; we look forward to cooperating with you!
Lilly 2024/6/18 21:57:25
Q:What is the price for used S19 84Th86Th90Th to be shipped to Europe.
Do you have already mining Equipment in europe Best regards
A:Hello! We support delivery to Europe. The S19 miner's price fluctuates daily. For the latest quotation and inventory, please contact our sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) or email ([email protected]). Thank you for your attention.
christian Telhomme 2024/6/16 21:01:56
Q:hi there, how much is the al box
Alephium miner
A:Hello! The price of the Goldshell AL BOX miner fluctuates daily. For the latest quotation and stock, please contact the sales manager via WhatsApp (+8618623251355) or email ([email protected]).
Thank you for your attention.
About products purchase, please contact our sales manager:
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