Integrated Circuit

What is an Integrated Circuit?

An integrated circuit (IC) is a kind of miniature electronic device or component. A specific process is used to interconnect the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and inductors, and other components and wiring required in a circuit, fabricate them on a small or several small semiconductor wafers or dielectric substrates and then encapsulate them in a tube inside the shell, it becomes a microstructure with the required circuit functions; all of the components have been structured as a whole, making the electronic components a big step towards miniaturization, low power consumption, and high reliability. It is represented by the letter "IC" in the circuit. The inventors of integrated circuits are Jack Kilby (silicon-based integrated circuits) and Robert Noyce (germanium-based integrated circuits). Most applications in the semiconductor industry today are silicon-based integrated circuits.

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mahantesh 2024/2/9 19:00:28
Q:how to decode the eeprom data, i wanna use
A:Hello, you can use EEPROM programming cable decoding tool for hash board repair.
Seyed Alavi 2023/8/31 4:35:24
Q:we need to buy 5 parts of 74FCT164245TPAG components.
We are in Canada, L4C 2V2. We need that to be shipped to us in less than 10 days.
How much would be the total cost?
S ALi Alavi
A:Hello, 74FCT164245TPAG: $5.2 each, please contact our sales staff via WhatsApp for specific details: +8618623251355/+86 19123969125, thank you for your attention.
Gohar 2023/5/29 14:35:51
Q:Do the prices include VAT?
A:Hello, the product price does not include shipping and taxes. If you have any needs, please contact our sales staff: +8618623251355/+86 19123969125. Thank you for your attention.
Jose Martinez 2023/5/26 10:25:26
Q:Hello,I want two 741 PMUs, Second (left side), please. Include shipping to USA, FLORIDA.
A:Hello, please contact our sales staff via WhatsApp for quotation and specific details: +8618623251355/+86 19123969125, thank you for your attention.
Claudio Nigretti 2022/10/28 21:22:29
Q:I'm looking for 255pcs of SST25VF040B-50-4I-SAE. Could I've a quote ?
A:Hello, we only have refurbished now, $0.8each, if you need, please contact our pre-sales customer service
Parimal Bhide 2022/10/22 15:58:25
Q:Please give prices for ST make TL431ACZ-AP
Qty: 500 & 1000 Pcs.
We are not traders. We use these for power supply units we manufacturer
A:Hello, the unit price of TL431ACZ-AP is $0.4 each, if you need, please contact our pre-sales customer service
Isaiah Tanner 2022/6/30 17:47:30
Q:looking to get my mini doge miner repair done in the USA burned out power connector
A:Hello sir, this is the information of the repair center, you can find your nearest or suitable
JESTIN 2022/6/25 16:13:53
Q:i am looking for Aisen,Loveminer Hashboard testing tools,hashboard temperature fixing etc
can u help on this matter

A:Hello sir, you can buy "PicoBT Multifunctional Hash Board Tester", if you need, you can contact our pre-sales customer service
Trong 2022/5/27 11:39:03
Q:I finding chip of D7 no. BM1764AB, Do you have?
A:Hello sir, we have stock, $90 each, if you need, you can contact our pre-sales customer service at any time

pravaid 2022/5/16 2:03:26
Q:i need chip tester for bm1397
A:Hello sir, attach the link of the tester, if you need please contact the pre-sales customer service via WhatsApp
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