A miner cannot be powered on normally

This article applies to all Antminer.

If your miner cannot start normally, you can troubleshoot the fault through the following methods.

1. Check the voltage.

If your voltage is lower than the startup voltage of the power supply, the power supply will not work, which will cause your miner to fail to start. The starting voltage is the socket voltage required for the power supply to work normally.

The voltage varies by country and region. In most countries, it is 110V or 220V or 240V, and different voltages will output different power. Make sure that the voltage provided by your country or region for the power supply can be converted into sufficient power for your miner.

Generally speaking, if your miner needs more than 1200W power, your wall socket must provide 220V voltage. If your country does not provide 220V power, you can consult an electrician to configure your wiring, or use a mini power transformer to convert the voltage.

Although our PSU offers the same performance, there are some subtle differences in terms of rated power and input voltage. Please check the power supply page for detailed specifications of each power supply.

2. Check the power supply.

To check the PSU, you can use the working power supply to test the miner and see if the working PSU can supply power to the miner. If another working power supply can be connected to the power supply, the PSU cannot work normally.

You can browse the following pages to troubleshoot the power supply:

3. Check the control board, and then check the hash board.

If the miner still fails to start after the above two methods, disconnect all the cables connected to the hash board as shown in the figure below, and then connect only the power connector to the control board.

troubleshoot the control board

If the mining rig still cannot be turned on, it means that the control board is faulty and the control board needs to be replaced.

Purchase a new control board

But if it can be powered on normally, it means that the hash board is faulty and you need to repair or replace the hash board. Please check the following page:

Hash board repair guide

Buy hash board

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