S9 series Antminer low hash rate

This article applies to all S9, S9i and S9j miners.

First, please try to reset your machine in the correct way.

Then reload the firmware. Run the miner for 20 minutes after loading the firmware.

The miner has low hash rate, usually there are several situations, such as control board failure, power supply failure or loose heat sink.

Control board failure:

1. All hash boards show 0 hash rate (this may also be a failure of the hash board);

2. One or more hash boards do not appear on the miner status screen;

3. The miner overview screen shows an error "Socket connection failed".

4. The BMminer version and/or Hardware version is not displayed on the miner overview screen.

Power supply failure:

1. One or more hash boards dose not appear in the miner status screen. Use another well-functioning power supply to test.

Loose heat sink:

1. The miner repeatedly stops hashing. The kernel log shows that the temperature is too high. Turn on the miner and check the hash board.

2. After disassembling the miner, if the heat sink is indeed loose, please replace the heat sink in time.

If the hash rate is still low after checking these reasons, and you need professional repair personnel to help you, you can click here to view the professional repair center near you, and send your miner to repair as soon as possible to reduce losses.

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