Common sense and common problems of miner fan

1. Fan specifications: use standard 12038 4-wire fan

(1) 12038 represents the fan size, that is, 120*120*38mm.

Fan size

(2) Rotation speed and air volume.

The fan speed of the 17 and 19 series miners is 6000 rpm (individual rear fans are 4800 rpm, and can be replaced with 6000 rpm when replacing), and the air volume is 315CFM.

For other models of miners' air volume and speed, please refer to:

(3) Number of fan lines: 4 lines are the number of fan power lines.

Fan lines

According to the line sequence label (general arrow or solid square is ①):

①. CPU fan PWM: cooling fan PWM intelligent temperature control adjustment

②. CPU fan in: speed measurement

③. CPU fan PWR: cooling fan power supply, PWR is the abbreviation of power

④. GND: Ground wire.

2. Troubleshooting

(1) The corresponding relationship between the fan number of the control board and the log number is as follows:

S17+: J12, J13, J15, J14 correspond to 3, 2, 0, 1 in the log

S19: J12, J13, J15, J14 correspond to 3, 2, 0, 1 in the log

troubleshooting fan

fan number

(2) The speed of the 4 fans are all 0.

This situation is generally a power supply problem, which is caused by an abnormal 12V power supply. You need to replug the 12V power cord or replace the power supply.

3. The kernel log shows that the number of fans is less than 4, or the user panel shows that the fan speed is 0.

less than 4 fans

fan speed is 0


(1) Check whether the fan cable and extension cable are connected properly and plug them in again.

(2) If the fan is damaged, replace the damaged fan directly.

4. The fan speed is too low.

low speed fan

5. Physical damage

broken fan blade

The above figure shows that the fan blades have been broken. In this case, the damaged fan must be replaced. If the blade is damaged, the mining machine will vibrate, which will cause damage to the mining machine for a long time. There are also some problems such as slight deformation of the fan, abnormal bearing, deformation of the fan grille, etc., which can cause damage to the miner. In short, once the miner's fan has abnormal noise or vibration, replace the damaged fan.

6. Speed is too high

high fan speed

7. Broken fan cable

broken fan cable

fan cable broke

The above figure shows that the fan cable has been damaged, which results in a low fan speed or a lack of fans.

8. The kernel log or batch scanning tool shows that one of the fans rotates at a much lower speed than the other fans.

replace fan

In this case, the miner will not report the failure, but the fan has failed. This situation should be checked in time, and the fans should be replaced to avoid batch failures during shutdowns and insufficient fans, which would affect the normal operation of miners.

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