Miner status page explained

The miner status page in this article applies to all Antminer.

When you log in to your miner on the Internet and open the miner status page, you will see many unfamiliar abbreviations and numbers.

This article will explain these abbreviations and numbers so that you can better understand what the Miner Status page tells you.

The page is divided into 3 parts:

1. Summary

2. Pools

3. Antminer

Miner Statu

In the “Summary” section:

Summary sectionElapsed:

How long has the miner been running for?

The screenshot above tells us that this miner has been running for 17 days, 16 hours, 8 minutes and 51 seconds. It takes about 20 minutes for a miner to run stably.


The real-time hash rate of your miner. The letter "G" is a number prefix, which is 109 in the case.


The average hash rate of your miner in the elapsed time.

Please note that different miner models have different hash rates, so the prefixes are different.


The number of blocks that miner helped the mining pool solve.

Please note that the numbers do not mean that you will be paid in full, as this is a mining pool mining. The payment will be based on the amount of work your miner has done to resolve this block (if reported).


Work that is available to your miner from the mining pool.


The number of shares/contributions your miner submits per minute.


Work unit.


Shows the difficulty value corresponding to the lowest hash value launched by your miner so far. The difficulty will determine the highest hash value that can be solved for the block.

If the hash value calculated by your miner or mining pool is lower than the maximum value, then you or the mining pool has already solved a block.

(After a period of time, your miner submits the most difficult share).

In the “Pools” section:

pool sectionURL:

Your mining pool server addresses.


Your miner pool’s worker name.


Pool status. "Alive" means the miner can connect to the server. "Dead" means the miner cannot connect to the server. As long as one of the three states is "Alive", no action is required.


Mining difficulty.

Accepted shares:

Work submitted by your worker that was accepted by the pool.


Shares that were never submitted to the pool.

This could happen because someone solved that share first, or maybe the block was solved and the miner restarted the work.


Work that your miner submitted for a block that was already solved.


Last Share Difficulty and LSTime is the time since the last share.


Difficulty of the last "A"ccepted share.


Difficulty of the last "R"ejected share.


Difficulty of the last "S"tale share.

In the “Antminer” section:

Antminer sectionChain#:

Chain# of the control board connected to a hash board.

(Zoom in to see the chain# clearer)

Antminer chain 


The number of working chips on a hash board connected.


Hash board frequency.

GH/s (ideal):

Ideal or expected hash rate. The letter "G" is a number prefix, which is 109 in this case.

GH/s (RT):

Real-time hash rate.

Note that different miner model has a different hash rate and hence the prefix is different.


HW errors or faults.

Hardware errors are normal and expected in a good working miner. Hardware errors occur because the chips are working at full capacity. The miner usually corrects the problem and continues hashing as normal.

If the miner is hashing well then it is correcting the errors and no action is needed.

Temp chip:

ASIC chip's temperature.

Temp PCB:

PCB temperature.

Check your miner's normal operating temperature here>

ASIC status:

Normal status: “0” means normal, you should find 63 (or the number of chips in your specific miner) “0”s in this field.

Abnormal status: ”X” means that a certain chip is not working. If ASIC# number is 100 and in the ASIC status the number of ”0”s is less than 100, it means some chips are missing or cannot be detected.

Missing chips >


Fan speed at rpm

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