[S9 Series] Common problems and solutions for miners' kernel logs

Kernel Log: Records the various stages of the Antminer's operation, and provides troubleshooting services for some common problems.

How to view the kernel log: After entering the background of the miner, click "System", and then find the "Kernel Log" option.

Kernel log 

Seven common fault phenomena and solutions in the log

The following failure phenomena are from the Antminer S9 series of mining machines, and other Antminer models are for reference only.

1. Fan Error

If the fan of the miner does not rotate or the fan does not reach the required speed, the kernel log will display the following statement:

S9 fan error 


(1) Ensure the fan connector is fully inserted into the socket and the fan cable is not damaged. (The picture below is an example of a bad socket and a bad cable)

(2) Replace a good fan for testing. If the problem cannot be solved, replace the control board.

(3) Reset the miner to factory settings.

(4) If the problem still cannot be solved, please send the miner to a professional repair center for repair.

2. PIC Error

If the kernel log shows:

(1) Check whether the signal wire in the control board is well connected. (The left cable in the below picture is a "not connected well" example)

(2) Replace a good control board for testing. Update the correct latest firmware.

 PIC Error

3. Hash board problem

Examples of kernel logs such as missing chips and missing hash boards can look like this:

S9 hash board error


(1) Missing chip: replace the power supply to ensure that the miner is well-grounded.

(2) Hash board missing: Ensure that the cable is in good condition and placed correctly.

4. CRC error counter is high

CRC error 


It may be that the chip is unstable. Try to reload the firmware and replace the power supply to test.

5. Network issues

network error 


Check network settings, Ethernet cables, connectors, routers or switches. It is recommended to consult a professional network engineer.

6. Overtemp protection

If the temperature is too high, the miner will stop working. You can find the following text in the kernel log:

S9 overtemp protection 

7. Failed to connect to the mining pool



(1) Make sure you have entered the correct mining pool address.

(2) Ping the pool to see if it is connected.

(3) Test whether the network is normal.

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