Antminer S17 series miner status description

This instruction is applicable to the Antminer S17 series models (take S17 Pro as an example below).

1. Homepage: System→Overview

Here you can see the model, firmware version (file system version), running time, memory status, network connection, etc.

Antminer S17 Pro System2. Management page: System→Administration

Here you can modify the miner's login password, forgetting the password can only restore the miner to factory settings.

S17 Pro Administration3. Monitoring page: System→Monitor

The running status of the kernel of the miner is recorded, and it is not necessary to check it under normal circumstances.

monitor page4. Log page: System→Kernel Log

It records the operating status of the mining machine, which can help us judge some common faults in many cases.

miner kernel log5. Upgrade page: System→Upgrade

Here you can upgrade firmware, backup configuration information, restore configuration information, and restore factory settings.

upgrade firmware6. Mining machine restart page: System→Reboot

You can restart the miner on this page.

 reboot the miner

7. Mining machine positioning page: System→Locate

Click the Star Blink button, and the machine fault and running indicator will flash for 300 seconds at the same time.

locate the miner.jpg 

After 300 seconds or click the Stop Blink button, the machine failure and operation indicator will return to normal status.

stop blink.jpg 

8. Miner pool setting page: Miner Configuration

Here you can modify the mining pool address, worker name and password of the mining machine.

setting the mining pool9. Network settings page: Network→Settings

setting the network 

10. Running status page: Miner Status

A: Running time

B: Mining machine computing power

C: Mining pool status, Alive is connected

D: Error rate

E: Operation board serial number

F: Number of chips

G: Operating frequency

H: The hash rate of a single hash board

I: Operation board temperature

J: Chip temperature

K: Chip status (displaying X or-means there is a problem)

L: Four fan speed

HW: The number of hardware errors. Don't pay attention to this. Just look at the error rate of D, just look at the proportion of errors, and don't look at the specific data.

S17 Pro miner statu

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