Treatment method for Antminer antivirus

Method 1: SD card recovering:

Antivirus tutorial:

1. A3, D3, L3, L3+, and X3 series miner SD card recovery tutorial:

2. S9 series (S9j, S9i), T9 and T9+ miners SD card recovery tutorial:

3. Z9, Z9mini, V9 miner SD card recovery tutorial: 

4. S17/S17Pro/S9 SE/S9k/Z11 SD card recovery method for using custom password


5. S17e/T17e/S17+/T17+ miner SD card recovery for recovering control board program:

6. S19, S19pro mining machine SD card recovery for recovering control board program:

This method is suitable for early viruses, supports single-machine detection and killing, and is generally difficult to operate. SD card recovery is the basic common sense of current mining machine operation and maintenance. When a miner has a system problem or suspects a virus, you can try this method first, or it can be used with batch antivirus. When batch antivirus is abnormal, it is recommended to perform antivirus after restoring the SD card.

This method supports all Antminer models.

Method 2: Use the Antminer mining pool batch tool antivirus

antminer S9 antivirus 

Antivirus tutorial:

This method is batch operation and easy to operate. It supports multiple models, so it is recommended to use this method for antivirus. If some 15 and 17 series viruses cannot be detected and killed, the operator needs to use the following serial port SD card recovery method.

Currently supported models:

1. S17 pro, S17, T17

2. S15, T15

3. S9 (C5), S9, S9i, S9j, S9k, S9SE, T9, T9+, S11

4. L3+, L3++

5. Z11, Z11e, Z11j

6. D5, B7, DR3, DR5, X3

Method 3: Recovery antivirus through serial port SD

SD card recovery progress Antivirus tutorial:

This method is suitable for poisoned miners who cannot be disinfected through the batch disinfection process. However, because this method is a stand-alone detection and killing method, the operation is complicated, and certain basic computer operation skills are required.

Currently supported models:

1. S17 pro, S17, T17

2. S15, T15

If the above methods still fail to disinfect your miner, please contact a professional to repair your miner.

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