Summary of common general problems external the miner (except G1, G2)

Issue 1:

①The hash is not enough;

②The machine has less hash board;

③Failed to connect to the mining pool;

Reason: The grounding is not done well, and there is electricity leakage.

Method: find an electrician to do the grounding.

Issue 2:

①The miner restarts automatically;

②Hash rate is unstable;

③The above problems occur randomly;

Reason: network problem

Method: Find a network engineer to troubleshoot the problem.

Issue 3:

The miner keeps restarting automatically.

Reasons and methods:

①Insufficient voltage-find an electrician to troubleshoot the problem;

②Leakage-find an electrician for grounding;

③Hash board is damaged-repair;

④The control board is damaged-repair;

Issue 4:

The high temperature of mining machines in coastal areas, etc.

Reason: The coastal air has high humidity and salinity, which is easy to corrode.

Method: do a good job of dust prevention.

Issue 5:

①The hash rate is not enough;

②Less hash board;

③Hash rate is 0;

Reason: low temperature, below 5℃

Method: increase the ambient temperature

Issue 6:

When the miner was upgrading the firmware, the miner being upgraded was accidentally powered off, and it was found that it could not be used after the power was turned on again.

Reason: The power was interrupted during the upgrade process, causing damage to the control board.

Method: repair the control board or replace the control board.

Issue 7:

The miner does not turn on, and after the power supply is connected to the miner, all the miner's lights are off, and the fan does not turn.


1. Replace the power supply. If it does not work after replacing the power supply, please refer to the following;

2. Only supply power to the control board. If not, please refer to the following;

3. Only supply power to the control board, and unplug all the cables on the control board; if not, please refer to the following;

4. At this point, it can be confirmed that it is a short circuit of the control board itself, repair the control board or replace the control board.

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