How to calculate income and return on investment?

For those new to mining and who want to calculate mining income and return on investment, we recommend using a reliable mining profit calculator, such as the calculator on or Antpool.

You may also download’s app on your smartphone and calculate your earnings. The "Network" page will show you how much a hash rate of 1 TH/sec earns in 24 hours.

 Network page

You can use this earning rate and make your own calculations after considering your miner's hash rate and electricity costs to learn how much you can earn in one day.

On, the calculator will consider the cost of miners, the number of miners, the cost of electricity, and other factors to obtain a more accurate estimate of the return on investment.

If you don’t need to consider too many factors, you can also use a mini calculator. calculator 

If you use the calculator of the ant mining pool, you only need to select the coin and the hash rate to know how much you can earn in a period of time. calculator 

Antpool has 4 different payment modes: PPS+ (Antpool's default setting), PPS, PPLNS and SOLO. Each mode of payment is different.

For more information, please visit the support page of AntPool and select Mining Configuration> Payment Method.

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