How to connect Antminer B3 to Antpool correctly?

1. Go to the following link:

2. Enter your username and password to log in to the Antpool or register a new account.

log into Antpool

3. Click the "Bytom" in the upper left corner of the page. Go to the "Settings" tab and add a sub-account via the button on the right.

click Bytom 

add sub-accountThe sub-account must contain only letters or numbers


4. Enter the default IP address of the ANTMINER - enter the login page, enter the user ID: root, password: root.

IP address 

5. Click Miner Configuration to fill in 3 groups of mining pools. If the first group is dead, then it will automatically point to the second group. The following is the configuration of Antpool: 25

Worker format: sub-account.worker name

Example: If your sub-account is "antminer," then your miners could be set to antminer.1, antminer_1, antminer.2, etc. The order of miners will be sorted by miner name.

Password: (Blank). If you change the address in bulk, please fill in as 123.

change address in bulk 

Click Save & Apply to mine, the miners will be restart.

Go to this link to see the steps.

6. Enter the miner state, refresh a few times to prevent slow response. You can check the speed on this page and confirm whether the miner is working properly.

miner statu

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