Antminer (S17.Z11.S9) fan problem solution

Fault: When the miner is powered on, the miner's fan does not turn, and the network portlight does not turn on.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Turn off the power and check whether the power supply and the power cable are plugged in firmly. Reconnect it and then power on.

2. Check whether the Antminer PSU fan rotates, and the power supply needs to be replaced if it does not rotate.

Antminer PSU fan 

3. Use the AC file of the multimeter (recommend to use the fluke 15+) to check whether the power socket has an electric output and the voltage is between 200-240V (the domestic and foreign voltage standards are different). If there is no output, check the power system.

fiule 15+ multimeter

4. Use the DC gear of the multimeter (recommend to use the fluke 15+) to check whether there is 11-13V output on the 6pin line of the power supply. If there is no output or it is shallow, replace the power supply. The yellow connector of the power cable is the positive pole, and the black connector is the negative pole.

Antminer power cable 

5. Unplug the power cable of the hash board. If the miner usually works, the hash board is short-circuited and the hash board is damaged; if it is still abnormal, it is a problem with the control board and the control board needs to be replaced.

6. Connect the power cables of the hach board one by one until the abnormal hash board is found, and the hash board can be replaced or repaired after it is determined that the hash board is defective.

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