Innosilicon T2 series miner troubleshooting

Innosilicon T2 miners cannot operate normally, you can troubleshoot the miners from the following aspects.

Fault 1: The hash board is missing or the hash board is not detected

When the hash board is abnormal, you can use the Putty to test.

(1) If a fault is detected, the hash board needs to be repaired;

(2) If the test is normal, it means that the hash board is not malfunctioning. You can replace it with a good-known power supply, control board or data cable and troubleshoot and locate the faulty parts one by one. If you replace the power supply or data cable, the fault still exists, you need to repair the control board or replace the damaged control board with a new one.

Fault 2: Innosilicon T2 restarts repeatedly

(1) Restore the control board to factory settings, or clear the data and upgrade the firmware again.

(2) If the fault still exists, use the test tool Putty to test, locate the faulty board and repair or replace it.

(3) If the three hash boards are tested and there is no fault, you can try to replace the power supply.

(4) After replacing the power supply, if the miner still restarts repeatedly, you need replace it with a good-known control board.

Fault 3: network is abnormal

Observe whether the network port light is on.

(1) If the light does not light up, check whether there is any foreign matter or dust in the network port. If the network is still abnormal after cleaning, the control board needs to be repaired;

(2) If the light is on, you can try to press and hold the Ipset key for 8 seconds to restore the factory settings, and search for the IP again to connect.

Fault 4: The power supply cannot supply power to the miners normally

(1) Replace the power supply;

(2) Replace the control board;

(3) The hash board is short-circuited, you can pull out all the hash boards, supply power to the miners, and then eliminate the faults one by one.

Fault 5: The temperature is too high

Check whether the front and rear fans rotate normally, or whether there are foreign objects blocking them.

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