What are the functions of the buttons and indicators of the miner?

I. Instructions for using IPset buttons

1. Long press for 1~4 seconds

Function 1: Send the miner IP to IPset

Note: Regardless of whether the current IP of the miner is static or dynamic, this function can be used as a PC on the same network segment.

Function 2: Use the IPset tool to set the miner to a static IP within the tool range.

Note: Regardless of whether the current IP is a static IP or a dynamic IP, you can continue to set it as a static IP.

2. Long press for 4-15 seconds

Function: Convert static IP to dynamic IP, delete /innocfg/www/conf/miner.conf file. That is, delete the configured mining pool, miner and other information.

3. Long press for 15-30 seconds

Function: IP type reversal: static IP to dynamic IP, dynamic to static, without deleting configuration files.

4. Long press for more than 30 seconds

Function: Automatically execute the burn-in procedure.

II. Reset button

Instructions for use after pressing the reset button, the miner will reset.

III. Index description

Normal indicator: There are two states-always on and flashing. Constant light means static IP, flashing means dynamic IP (DHCP).

Fault indicator: You can use the bulk management tool to turn it on and off, making it easier to locate and find the mining machine.

Innosilicon monitor backstage 

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