What should be done if the hash rate cannot reach standard range?

When the hash rate of Innosilicon miners drops or is insufficient, how should I troubleshoot them?

1. Check the ambient temperature (recoomend to choose the GS320 infrared thermometer), because the temperature rises, the power consumption will rise, and the over-temperature protection will cause the hash rate to drop.

Confirm the inlet air temperature. The operating temperature range of the miner is 0-40℃. Therefore, the inlet air temperature should be lower than 30℃ to keep the miner in good condition.

2. Whether the heat dissipation of the mine is done well, whether there is hot air returning or whether the fan and power supply of the miner is blocked.

3. Check whether the miner's firmware version is regular for the inlet air temperature.

1) If the firmware version is August 2018, please perform the following re-aging procedure:

 Perform the re-aging program page

2) If the firmware version of the miner is earlier than August 2018, please upgrade the firmware.

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