How to upgrade Innosilicon T2TZ-30T or T2TS to the latest firmware?

Upgrading the firmware of the Innosilicon miner will help improve the stability and optimize the miner's hash rate. Therefore, it is recommended that you update it. This time the firmware has optimized the upgrade process and the operation is more convenient. 


1. Please use the new version of the bulk tool InnoMonitor v1.0.4_special for a bulk upgrade. During the upgrade process and within 15 minutes after the tool prompts the operation to be successful, it is strictly forbidden to perform any operations on the mining machine, including power off, network disconnection, mining, etc.. Otherwise, it will cause physical damage to the power supply.

2. The bulk upgrade firmware of the miner needs to be checked and verified repeatedly. A column of the bulk upgrade software for the miner will display the version number. If the firmware version of the miner is still the old version after the upgrade, it means that the miner has not been upgraded successfully. The miners are upgraded again, until it is confirmed that each of them has been successfully upgraded. There can be no interruption or interference during the upgrade.

3. You should upgrade gradually: upgrade some miner first, and then perform mass upgrades after observation. 

4. After the firmware upgrade is successful, wait 2 hours for the hash rate to reach the best value.

I.Please check which firmware the miner needs to upgrade.

If the power supply manufacturer is QB or HK miner, upgrade firmware B directly.

The miner whose power supply manufacturer is GP needs to confirm the power supply version first. If the power supply version is lower than 12.66, please upgrade firmware A; if the power supply version is equal to or higher On 12.66, please upgrade firmware B. It is strictly forbidden to perform any operations on the mining machine within 15 minutes after the upgrade is successful, including power off, network disconnection, mining, etc.. Otherwise, it will cause physical damage to the power supply.

Use bulk management tool V1.0.8 to scan miners:

Download and run the "Innomonitor" application. Bring up the three crucial information of "PSU Manufacturer," "PSU Version," and "PSU Error."

Innomonitor application 

Follow the instructions in the figure below to configure the IP range, and then scan the miner:

IP configuration range

The scanned PSU version is shown in the figure below:

PSU Version 

T2TS-26T Firmware download link:

T2TZ-30T Firmware download link:

II. Use bulk management tool to upgrade firmware

1. Use bulk management tools to upgrade miners.

Bulke management tool

Note: Do not perform any operation on the miner within 15 minutes after firmware A is successfully upgraded to upgrade the power supply usually.

2. Rescan whether the miner is the latest version of the firmware, if not, please upgrade the miner again.

firmware version scan result 

3. Check "Reboot," use the bulk management tool to select the performance mode, and then click "Apply" to modify the performance mode as shown in the figure below:

modify the performance mode 

4. After completing all the above operations, the maximum hashrate miner can run stably for two hours.

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