The miner is operating normally but does not have the same hash rate in the Mining Pool?

The page of Biyin Antpool is divided into several parts: hash rate, number of miners, income and hash rate curve. The hash rate is the statistics of the affective hash rate received by the Antpool. The Antpool detects the number of online valid miners. The income is the income of the miner. The hash rate chart shows the hash rate of the miner in a curve for "1 hour" as the unit and "1 day" as the unit.

When you connect to the Antpool, the backstage may show that the miner is working, but the Antpool does not show it. Therefore, the investigation can be carried out according to the following situations.

Antpool Page

1. Due to the short mining time and the low hash rate of the miner, etc.

The miner has not submitted data to the Antpool. This situation can be observed for 10-15 minutes according to the miner's hash rate.

2. Setup problem

For example, the user name set in the mining software and the miner backstage are inconsistent. The Antpool address is misspelled, etc.

Taking BTC as an example, the mining address of the Biyin Antpool is:




Fill in the Worker part of the miner backstage as:

Miner name (i.e., sub-account name). miner name

miner backstage configuration 

(Take S9 as an example of miner backstage configuration)

3. The miner is idling.

It is common in ASIC miners. It is usually caused by power outages or network fluctuations when the miner is working, and the miner is not online when it is turned on again. The usual solution: restart the miner again.

It is shown as inactive or inactive on the Antpoolside.


At the same time, the latest submission time in the active miner must be less than 3 minutes away from the current time. Otherwise, it will be classified mainly as inactive.

Antpool backstage

The time at LSTtime in the backstage of the miner must be less than 3 minutes.

Less than 3 minutes 

Power failure investigation

Please get in touch with the mining farm staff and verify.

Network fluctuations

(1) Ping the network status, click to refer to [How to ping the mining address].

(2) tests the network speed.

(3) Contact and verify with my staff.

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