Antpool S17, S17 Pro, T17 Overclocking Firmware

I. What is overclocking firmware?

1. It is a transparent and safe overclocking firmware (no hash rate stolen, no virus);

2. It is an intelligent firmware (just set a target value, the firmware will find the most suitable combination of frequency and voltage);

3. It is a firmware that supports Underclocking function;

4. It is a firmware that uses encrypted communication and has been optimized for ANTPOOL. The rejection rate is lower, and the communication is more secure.

II. How to download and use overclocking firmware?

Firmware download address:

S17:  Download

S17Pro: Download

T17:  Download

Note: Different types of miners use different firmware. Please note that they cannot be universal.

S17 is optimized as follows:

1. Shorten the overclocking time and reduce the operating loss of the miner;

2. Improved overclocking capability.

T17 optimization is as follows:

1. Shorten the overclocking time and reduce the operating loss of the miner;

2. Remove some overclocking temperature restrictions;

3. Increase the "forced adjustment" function to speed up the startup time.

Please note: Overclocking is a personal act, and the warranty does not cover the damage to the device caused by overclocking.

III. Miner configuration.

The URL and username of the miner's backstage are configured as follows:









It is recommended to use APMinerTool for batch overclocking configuration:

If your APMinerTool does not support overclocking, please download the latest version. Download link

Please note: 

1. Change the overclocking gear, the miner will restart and automatically search for the highest overclocked gear. This process takes about 40-50 minutes. After the process is over, miners will submit their shares to the mining pool as usual.

2. Maintenance requires high requirements for mining operations and professional skills. Pay attention to high temperature when adjusting to Turbo mode (burning board, high-temperature protection). Pay attention to low temperature (loss of hash rate) when adjusting to low power consumption mode. The mode needs to be changed when the temperature changes (note the fan speed and temperature).

3. Due to the different physical environment, temperature, humidity, and heat dissipation conditions, the actual overclocking capability of the miners are different. Moreover, even miners of the same model under the same batch have different physiques, so there is no uniform applicable overclocking standard.

4. If there is a significant change in the operating environment of the miner, it is recommended to re-adjust the gear to allow the firmware to adapt to the appropriate frequency and voltage.

5. If it is an Underclock operation, it can be completed in one step. First, the firmware will find the most suitable combination of frequency and voltage.

6. Overclocking is a personal act, and damage to the equipment caused by overclocking is not covered by the warranty.

7. Overclocking is risky, and the operation needs to be cautious. Although the firmware is safe, in actual operation, to have better performance and lossless overclocking, please ensure that the miner is running under good heat dissipation conditions.

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