Precautions for the Innosilicon mining farm

The digital coin miner is a high-end computing server, and the mining farm is a data center. Therefore, a ventilated, dust-proof, and reliable environment is required to ensure the maximum hash rate, lowest failure rate, and most extended service life. Only in an excellent operating environment can we obtain a high hash rate and returns.

Keep a good data center, must attention be paid to temperature, humidity, dust prevention, and stable power supply. In addition, the miner should be put on and off the shelf correctly. At the same time, do an excellent job of cold and heat isolation and daily inspections.

I. Temperature requirements

Operating temperature: 0-40℃

However, the actual humidity, dust, etc., will narrow the temperature range. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the mine site temperature between 5°C and 35°C, with 25°C being the best temperature.

Storage temperature: -20℃-70℃

Equipment: GS320 infrared thermometer

II. Humidity requirements

Relative operating humidity: 10-90%, no condensation

Relative storage humidity: 5-95%, no condensation

III. Dustproof requirements

1. The equipment room needs to be far from industrial pollution sources, oceans, or salt lakes, without explosive, conductive (such as metal dust lamps), magnetic and corrosive (such as sulfide, chlorine and ammonia) dust or gas.

2. When there is sand or dust in the equipment room, it is necessary to install a dustproof net and regularly use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust.

Equipment: Dust removal fan or Air compressor.

IV. Set up the miner correctly

1. Before setting up the miner, please check whether there is a violent bumping prompt, whether the heat sink falls off due to shaking, and whether the fan is damaged in appearance.

2. Check whether the wiring (fan and hash board) and the power cable are properly connected to avoid looseness.

3. The miner should be powered off before installation, and handle it gently when off the shelf. It is forbidden to place and drop randomly and to carry the hash board wiring by hand.

V. Remove the miner off the shelf properly

1. Reconfirm whether the fault can be repaired on-site before taking it off the shelf.

2. Check whether the IP corresponds to the miner to avoid a mismatch. You can reconfirm it by lighting the red light or reporting IP by the bulk management tool.

3. If the data center has cold and heat isolation, block the air outlet where the miner is located to avoid the return of hot air while removing the miner.

avoid backflow of hot air

4. The off-shelf miner should be dust-proof, moisture-proof, and placed in a stable and orderly manner.

VI. Keep the power supply stable

1. The miner socket voltage is stable within the normal range of 220V±10%. However, if the voltage is too high or too low, it may cause unstable operation and burn the power supply.

2. The three-phase current deviation of the power distribution cabinet shall not exceed 15%. Otherwise, an electrician should be notified to check whether the three-phase load is balanced. This imbalance may cause the voltage of a particular phase to rise.

3. Check whether the factory shelves and miners are regularly grounded (requires grounding resistance to be less than 4Ω). If there is no grounding or the grounding is good, please notify a professional electrician to complete the grounding work in time. Also, if you often feel a tingling sensation during the operation and maintenance of the miner, please check whether the grounding work is done well or not. You can also choose to buy a leakage protector to ensure that the primary circuit will not be burned out when the leakage occurs.

4. The cable cannot be placed in the hot air area. Please check the aging of the cable regularly.

5. Try to avoid frequent power outages in the mining farm. Planned outages are necessary. If you need to cut off the power, please turn off the automatic air switch on the shelf in ascending order of power, and finally turn off the main switch. Before powering on, make sure that all air switches connected to the miner on the rack are turned off. The air switch should be opened in descending order from the main switch to avoid possible damage caused by transient voltage surges.

VII. Isolate cold and heat well

Mines must be well insulated from heat and cold, especially high-power miners.

miner fans

Precautions for heat and cold isolation:

Precautions for heat and cold isolation 

VIII. Daily inspection of operation and maintenance

Check the miner's temperature, humidity, appearance, environmental conditions, power supply status, etc., on the miner and the mining farm. Please refer to the attached table for detailed inspection items.

Inspection item form

Inspection content

Doing the contents listed above to provide an excellent operating environment for your high-end server is a robust measure to ensure your miner's high hash rate and high return.

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