Avalon miner 7-9 series general operation tutorial (card-less raspberry pi)

Avalon miner 7-9 series general operation tutorial (card-less raspberry pi)

Before you start mining, you need to do some preparatory work. First, you need to confirm which mining pool to use. At present, the mainstream domestic pools include F2pool, Poolin, BTC.com, etc. This article takes www.f2pool.com as an example:

Step1 Register the mining pool

Complete user registration on Yuchi's official website www.f2pool.com;

User registration 

Log in to the official website of the mining pool. You can see the mining address at the bottom of the homepage:

Mining address 

Yuchi mining addresses include recommended addresses and alternate addresses. Ensure your mining income, the alternate address provides timely support when the recommended address fails to work properly.

Step 2 Set up the miner and Raspberry Pi

1. Miner connection operation

1) Open the case

One miner, one data cable (the cable length is about 40CM)

Note: AUC, Raspberry Pi needs to be purchased by yourself.

A new Avalon Miner

New Avalon Miner bare miner 

USB, five-pin cable

USB-five-pin cable

Power supply (including power cable)

Power supply (including power cable

Raspberry Pi set (including USB cable, power plug)

Raspberry Pi set

2. Miner connection

Please connect the miner and the corresponding firmware as shown below: 

Power supply-miner connection

Power supply-miner connection 

Miner-5pin cable-AU3 connection

Miner-5pin line-AU3 connection 

The Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet cable, and it can be powered on.

Raspberry Pi connection

3. Connect to Raspberry Pi

The new version of the card-less Raspberry Pi has built-in firmware.

Log in to the Avalon Mall official website to download (technical support-

firmware download):

4. The Raspberry Pi backstage setting

IP settings

Step 1: After turning on the power of the miner, open the browser on the computer under the same router as the miner;

Step 2: Enter the default IP of Raspberry Pi: in the address bar of the browser to enter the Avalon lightning protection control interface. (Note: Please confirm whether the router IP is 192.168.0.X before operation. If not, you need to modify it to the same network segment to enter the backstage.

Avalon lightning protection control interface

Step 3: Click the Login button. The default password is blank, you can log in directly. Enter the following interface:

login interface 

Step 4: Click Configuration to enter the mining pool configuration;

Miner configuration 

For example:

Alternate address 

Pool worker refers to the user name of the miner, please fill in the user name when registering the fish pond account. Example: Yutang username: XXXXX

Pool password refers to the miner’s password, the example of a password: 1234.

1) Click Sava & Apply in the lower-left corner to save;

Save interface 

2) Click Network to enter the network settings, as shown below:

Network settings 

3) Finally click Sava & Apply in the lower-left corner to save;

Note: When the miner settings and network settings are completed, the miner’s signal light will turn blue, indicating that the miner is operating normally. You can view the running data through the cg interface.

5. Query miner operation data

Step 1: Enter reset IP in the browser address bar to enter the Avalon mining control interface;

Step 2: Click Advanced Edition to enter the advanced interface;

Advanced interface

Step 3: In the advanced interface, find the CGminer Status miner parameter interface, you can understand the detailed parameters of the miner operation;

Parameter interface 

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