How to Upgrade the L3 Firmware of Antminer?

How to Upgrade the L3 Firmware of Antminer?

1. Download the L3 firmware file on the official website of Bitmain.

L3 firmware 

2. Enter the IP address of the miner in the web address bar, and in the pop-up dialog box, enter the user name and password and enter root.

3. After entering the miner backstage, click Upgrade to enter the miner upgrade page.

4. If you want to keep the configuration, check to Keep settings. Otherwise, you don't need to check it.

5. Click to select the file, select the downloaded firmware, and click OK in the pop-up prompt to start uploading the firmware.

6. After uploading the firmware, the miner will start to upgrade. The process takes about 2 minutes. The power cannot be cut off during the upgrade process. Otherwise, the system files will be lost, and the system will not work.

The firmware needs mining pool support. For details, please consult the relevant mining pool staff, and the actual measurement shall prevail.

Note: A small number of miners may experience a low hash rate and instability after the upgrade. Please refresh back to the original firmware.


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